I Believe in Muhammad (David Wood)

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Muslims are quick to point out that they believe in Jesus. However, they only claim to believe in Jesus because Muhammad rewrote the history of Jesus to portray him as a Muslim. What happens when we rewrite the history of Muhammad to portray him as a Christian? Let’s find out as David Wood declares, “I believe in Muhammad.”

Wake up before it’s too late.
… an Advise from your brother in Humanity, for the sake of your soul before the day come and you wish you knew better how…

you are more than capable to use your mind, but your ego blinds you

I am witness to your Lies and insanity… What a hypocrite…

Good luck twisting Everything you know about prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and Everyone who believes in 1 and only 1 God, in Arabic, Allah.

Do you think you are smart and Good? You are just lying on yourself.

Wake up before it’s too late…

Embrace the True messages of the prophets that were sent to Humanity

I remember my Islam friend did the same :joy:, why are they all the same :sweat_smile:

You will end up in the hell fire David when you continue insulting Islam and the prophet Muhammad (SAW)

You are Christian no body wants you to convert Islam, just stop meaningless insults

Dont mind me, just passing by your old videos while noticing contradictions between your old and new videos lmao

What is Jesus pbuh religion? Please help me… thanks

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen




Quran 3:55 it really says god will protect the followers of ISA (jesus) but the point is, god will protect people who really follows jesus to worship to one God, not to the statue not to creation or human, but only to one God

Was the original Muhammad white also or just Uthman?

Islam is the truth

You don’t know the meaning of Muslim. Muslim means the one who embraces Islam, it also means the one who submits himself to the will of God.the second meaning is the one used with pre Islamic prophets. You are a liar .

Don’t you think he is very interested on Islam Religion…? His contents all about “Mocking Islam Religion” This David actually Islamphobia.:joy: Unfortunately all of your books behind your back actually pretty pointless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Cause your contents very unintellectual … You are Atheist right? But Don’t forget…Who created you … Hahhahha Am I right David @Acts17Apologetics :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Let me announce that I believe in Muhammad! I do not agree with the corrupt version of Muhammad that you Muslims believe in. I believe in the true Muhammad, who was a devout Christian. He was convinced that God is the trinity and Jesus is the divine son, who entered creation, died on the cross for sins and rose from the dead! You may be wondering, “If Muhammad was a devout Christian, why do Islam’s most trusted sources say that he preached Islam, and claimed to be a prophet?” I’m glad you asked… I’ll explain what happened!

Before the time of Muhammad, most of the “Christians” in Arabia were heretics and compromisers. Muhammad came to restore true faith in Jesus Christ! He spent his entire life telling people to turn away from their sins, to accept Jesus as their Lord and saviour, and to believe that God is one in essence and 3 in person (Father, son and holy spirit). Many pagans converted to Christianity under the powerful preaching of Muhammad.
Before he died he gave his followers the Quran, which, in it’s original, uncorrupted form, was simply an Arabic translation of the new testament. But there was a villain! An evil pagan named Uthman, who hated Christianity, didn’t know Muhammad, and worshiped allah (one of the many pagan deity’s of Arabia). After Muhammad died, Uthman decided to destroy everything Muhammad worked so hard to accomplish! The DIABOLOICAL Uthman realised that the best way to destroy Muhammad’s work, would be to become a wolf in sheep’s clothing and to infiltrate the Christian community in Arabia. So he pretended to be a Christian, and his deception was so convincing that he eventually rose to a position of leadership in the Church. Once he was in charge, Uthman ordered every Christians in Arabia to hand over their copies of the Quran (i.e their copies of the Arabic translation of the new testement).
Uthman then re-wrote the entire Quran, turning into a book that denies the core teachings of Christianity, and then he FORCED the Christians of Arabia to believe in his corrupted Quran!

SO THEREFORE, the Islam that Muslims believe in today, isn’t the religion that Muhammad preached! Muhammad preached submission to Jesus Christ. Uthman corrupted this message by claiming that allah is the only true God and Jesus was a mere prophet of allah. He did this in order to degrade Jesus and keep people from believing in Christianity (the religion of Muhammad).

Now you can’t refute this. You can’t appeal to the Quran, because all known copies of the Quran have been written after Uthman corrupted it. You can’t appeal to the Hadith, Literature or commentaries either since all of these are written after the time of Uthman. Muslims can’t even say that Uthman was one of Muhammad’s companions, since I hereby declare that Uthman simply wrote himself into Muhammad’s life to help establish his own authority. People are under the influence of Uthman’s false teachings.

I conclude that Muhammad preached orthodox Christianity, and that Uthman is the true founder of what is now called Islam.

If you like I could even cherry pick verses from the Quran and passages from the Hadith to support my claims, the same way Muslim apologists do with the Bible.

The only possible response for Muslims here is that is it silly and irrational to throw out facts of history by saying someone corrupted all the evidence. But Muslims can’t say this because it’s exactly what Muslims do with Jesus. The facts of history tell us Jesus wasn’t a Muslim, so the facts of history must’ve been changed. Fine, the facts of history tell us that Muhammad wasn’t a Christian, so the facts of history must’ve been changed.

Muhammad was a devout Christian who’s life and teachings were corrupted by Uthman.

(Thanks DW :wink:


Ur statements are baseless

This is your point of view … being a muslim or a christian will not add anything to our world … technology and faith only with fair knowledge development , open minds for disscussions , accepting others and direction to make people’s life better …Advise for all priests or any christian leader … instead of being busy of Muslims and the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) , You can be more careful about christians themselves and make their life arranged with solutions from the bible that you have in your hands