Ilhan Omar BLASTS America after Christians Sing on Plane!

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar recently tweeted a response to a video of Christians singing a worship song on a plane. She said: “I think my family and I should have a prayer session next time I am on a plane. How do you think it will end?” Rep. Omar thus implies that Muslim-Americans do not enjoy the same privileges and freedoms as Christians, and that she and her family may be attacked for praying on a plane. Is she right? David Wood discusses the issue.

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For the Newsweek article quoted in this video (“Clip of Christians Singing on Plane Tops 32M Views After Ilhan Omar Comment”), click here: Clip of Christians Singing on Plane Tops 32M Views After Ilhan Omar Comment

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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is still young. Do you think she should eventually run for the U.S. Senate?

And Christians here in India are busy defending Muslims :upside_down_face:

You are Islamophobic but I respect you because you are a human being, maybe Islam or Christianity are fake religion we don’t know , the only thing that I have to do is to respect every one

Thank you for your common sense. I wish there were more people like you… maybe?

True David.

America is gradually becoming demented… Why would they give a traitor such massive a position…
Now they are getting it…

The key is simple in today’s time. People need to be more humble and less entitled. The internet is a great tool but is often taken too far. Folks say things they would never say in person, and in return it feeds our egos IRL. The fix is Jesus and being led by the holy spirit.

She should be packed off to Afghanistan or Somalia or any other Islamic country

I think she deserves where she was before and only if she stayed there she would have understand the value of freedom she is having right now in America … but instead of being thankful she is trying to spreading the same terror religion over here and rest of the world … being Indian I must say she doesn’t have any right or anything to do with our Kashmir issue with Pakistan but she blindfolded support Pakistan just because it’s Muslim country … like seriously… may god give her some sense

Well she does have a point (without her realising it). The USA has murdered 63million of their own children… at what point does that become genocide?

When Muslims pray in a plane on Saudi Arabia it’s fine but when Christians do it is oppression

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Is NUTS!

Good job David wood God bless you and your family and friends

God bless America🙏

Isn’t there anyone in her family who can talk with her?


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Ommomma utopia :roll_eyes:

Maybe the worst thing people ever did on a plane was “what some people did” on Sept. 11th.

Boggles my mind how a woman can support Islam.