Ilhan Omar Calls Muhammad Evil, Vile, and Abhorrent!

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar considers herself both a Muslim and a leftist politician, and she sees no contradiction between the two ideologies. Not surprisingly, Rep. Omar ends up condemning Muhammad when she condemns female genital mutilation (FGM). David Wood discusses the issue.

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wow. If they pluck the hair under their arms, then why don’t they go the full 9 yards and pluck their pub1c hairs as well? Maybe that’s a step too far? :wink:

@David Wood I believe she did condemn it in her own round about way. @7:56

The hate in the heart of this baleful bitter beast of a woman is shocking. Now I understand why Mohamed wants to beat women into submission

Singing Christian hyms in planes is far more offensive to Ilhan Omar, than terrorists flying planes into the WTC.

She’s focused on the dollar bills she is making to be bothered to condemn anything!

David Wood, I’d love it if you could personally respond to this one…can we please agree that simping for the apartheid state of Israel and the American Evangelical far right isn’t a good alternative to radical Islam? They are all absolute shit.

And is the assumption correct, you little ditz? If not condemn it already!
What a foolish woman.

“Ask me only questions I approve!”

LOL … as she wastes time refusing to speak against FGM

LOL even her indignation is playacted

Also, Muhammad called the women as fuel of hell, snapped Um Qirfa the Jewish old lady in a half by 2 camels

Dang she’s pissed!:sweat_smile:

I would settle for her answering the damn question once.

Is it not permitted to those people to lie for the sake of their god? I believe so, therefore, they can lie left and right without any problem

She answered nothing. Just bla bla bla. Typical muslim. Living in denial and deception. Taqiyaah mode night and day

I enjoy your videos David,however,democrats aren’t and have never been leftists,i believe you are wrong on that point,keep up the good work though🙏🏽

95% of people do not know what they believe, if she was in Afghanistan she would not be in such a position. I am a Islamephobe, read the “art of war”.


It would take her less time to go down the list. It would take her less time to simply PASS A BILL making female genital mutilation ILLEGAL and yes I HAVE ASKED MY Congress people and Senators to do the same. She is such a hypocrite!