Ilhan Omar Is an Islamophobe!

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s “Islamophobia” Bill was recently approved by the U.S. House of Representatives. But there’s one massive problem with this bill: Rep. Ilhan Omar is an Islamophobe. David Wood discusses the issue.

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Will this video be banned now that the U.S. Government is set to “combat Islamophobia”?

LMAO :rofl::rofl::rofl: brother God bless you David your awesome love your videos keep preaching the Truth.

Why does Ilhan not pass a bill in Somalia that forces all to ban together with all else regardless of race, religion, etc.? But she’s only concerned about protecting Islam.

Wow…no defenders in the comments? …crickets… LOL! btw… funniest music track at the end! (I wonder how he feels every time he hears it) :smiley:

Says you

So Satan saw it fit to work through a violent and illiterate people to oppress Christians and Jews.

Exactly what she is doing, ungrateful refugee!

She’s shooting her own foot…

it is high time to deport her to afghanistan.

The whole world should be free of religious persecution… She says, and then she’s not focusing on all the crimes that muslim governments commit in this aspect, but rather targetting people who peacefully criticize Islam and its filthy “prophet”.
Ilhan Omar is one of those muslim apologists who can only flourish by playing the victim.

That is the ugliest diaper I have ever seen on Ilhan.

She out of order - another of the kind.

@DWood THIS BILL HAS TO STO IS THERE A CAMPAIGN ALREADY TO TWART it ? if so I would like to help anyway I can logistic li financially whatever I can do. :pray: Please excuse my :keyboard::persevere: typos :upside_down_face: :speech_balloon:

The most intolerant, violent, and hate filled religion that went out and was spread by the sword needs protection? How pathetic that only one religion is demanding this special favor when Islam itself is overly critical of all other religions and Muslim countries only allow Islam. Contact your politicians and let them know how you feel about this. Free speech is only a law away from becoming non existent.

Here another stupid and and say a lie about Islam, we don’t force any one to become a Muslim, and we don’t Prevent anyone from practicing religion, don’t lie

1st of all I wanna say I love your show and I’m one of the million of people im number 1 fan of ur show… I am Christian Middle Easter I come to the state when I was 13 I’m American . I need to know why Muslim come to Christian country and he tried change everything if that was me try to do something in Muslim country I will be killed I know we have a freedom over here Why we keep bringing here :latin_cross::latin_cross::latin_cross::six_pointed_star::six_pointed_star::six_pointed_star::us::us::us::us::israel::israel::israel::israel:

an expert will always talk freely while the fraud has always to look up the words s/he wants to say.

Astagfirullah you insult islam

Oh she is worse than u can even imagine…much much worse…even by ISLAMIC standards