Inside the Kaaba

For centuries, people have wondered what’s inside the Kaaba (Ka’ba). This video shows what’s really inside Islam’s holiest site.

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God bless you dear david.

Wow That giant black box looks so beautiful . I also have a small black box like that . I keep my trash things in that black box .

Some of the things you said that prophet did, sounds like what the Jews did under the directions of a similar God😂 add slavery to that list as well.
All religions are make belief😁

I am a Hindu and I came on Special Hindu forces mission to the Kabba, I sneaked in and took a dump and peed up the corner

The presentation is amazing!

Black cube is the worship of the planet Saturn
Many Jews got the black cube attached to their head dress

David, I found Muslims saying that there was an image of Mary and Jesus before Muhammad destroyed all the statues and images. Is it true that there was image of Mary and Christ on the wall?

Would be awesome to see that stone be blown up. Islam is a disgusting religion

Is this a real kaabah? Can a non muslim enter it?

Your humor is too good


looks like he is using a green screen

Dear David.
I was born in a small village in south of Algeria and I learnt Arabic
No one told you the meaning of Kahbah .?
The true translation of Kahbah is:
Prostitute. whore !

Pathetic david wood…your informations about life of Muhammad pbuh is totally wrong ! You get those informations from comics !

Is this fake?

You really should do one like this from inside the dome of the rock.

I just wanted to point out that the Christians converted pagan sites to churches because the early Christian theologians said to do so. So to this day in Rome you will see churches that were once pagan temples. I could also point out the Christmas Tree’s connection to the goddess Asherah who is mentioned in the Bible as well where her followers would set up Asherah poles and deck them out with ornaments in honor or the goddess.

I sense evil in that place.