INSTANT REGRET: Geico Apologizes for Hiring Antisemite Linda Sarsour for Diversity Training

Geico recently announced that Linda Sarsour would be speaking at its diversity event “celebrating Middle Eastern and North African Heritage Month.” Following a backlash due to Sarsour’s antisemitism, Geico cancelled and condemned Sarsour. David Wood discusses the issue.

For the Washington Examiner article quoted in this video (“Geico cancels event with Linda Sarsour after backlash from Jewish groups”), click here: Geico cancels event with Linda Sarsour after backlash from Jewish groups | Washington Examiner

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I canceled my Geico insurance. I’m Jewish by the way. So much for diversity training.


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It’s ok to criticise Christianity and white peoples in the West, it’s frowned upon to criticise black people or Islam, but you can still do it, but no one is allowed to criticise the Jews, Judaism or Israel.

Diversity means antiwhite.
You cant talk againts zionists, only againts christians and whites in general.

NOI also have a very twisted take on scripture. I saw a conference video where Farrakans was preaching to both Christians and Muslims. I could not believe that Christian Pastors were agreeing with him. Clearly they also had not read the scriptures for themselves. We need to make sure we are reading the Bible so we can discern truth and lies.

Oh yeah. I forgot she was a thing.
I’m gonna try to go back to that.

Linda Sarsour has never expressed any “antisemitism”. She has criticized the terrorist, genocidal and supremacist Jewish state of Israel. She has supported BDS. Zionist organizations such as American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League are known to cry antisemitism whenever free Americans express their disapproval and rejection of Israeli interference in American affairs and policies. Anyone that plainly expresses criticism of Israel’s crimes or Jewish behavior in Gentile states is ipso facto smeared as an antisemite and deplatformed. I am opposed to censorship based on smears. Why does David Wood peddle zionist lies?

ashkenazis are not semites

Geico is an insurance company right?
Why are they dabbling in left-wing socialist political “diversity” in the first place?
Now I know to NEVER do business with such a woke, satanic company.

I will never get Geico insurance.

How can she be anti- semitic when she is semitic​:thinking::dizzy_face:

Linda Sarsourgrapes.:smile:

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Why there is a old and a new testament or bible are you changing the bible every year or what?

What could you expect from a company called Government insurance company?

I am Catholic and theres nothing wrong with Antisemitism! Go read the Talmud.

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I think that humans [along with most living creatures] naturally take one of [only] three available options in relation to an attitude or a noun: 1) they like it, 2) they are indifferent towards it, and 3) they dislike it. These options do not intersect. It does not cease to cause preoccupation and some amazement that in some of current value rhetoric going on in our societies, the last of those options seems to have been discretely taken away from us, leaving us with either liking something, or being indifferent to it.
This is a true erosion of an otherwise healthy and strong democracy; one should be allowed to dislike something without fear of persecution (let alone prosecution), and without being labeled or socially tagged in some negative way.

For example, as happens in this clip, someone gets ‘shut down’ simply because they offer or represent an opinion and/or a point of view that some percentage of the population will find unpleasant. This is unacceptable. Either we all get to express ourselves or no one does, no exceptions. If a person has anti-Semitic sentiments, that’s fine.

Being party Jewish myself does not blind me to the highly-questionable policy that Israel has implemented towards Palestine. People who express opinions contrary to Jews, or Muslims, etc, should be free to do so without fear of labeling or any other kind of offensive reaction, especially not of the violent kind. But, currently, the least hint of criticism of any group will immediately beget one some derogatory labeling (‘anti-whatever’ or ‘whatever-phone’, etc.) This is not acceptable behavior in a democracy, and not even decent and normal human behavior, regardless of political affiliation or model.

In France and Germany (at least), for example, it is currently unlawful to question that the holocaust ever took place. One can end up fined and imprisoned for expressing such a comment/point of view. I find this completely unacceptable. I also find it quite remarkable that these bills were at some point passed and established as laws of the land in otherwise free democracies. If someone wants to question - hopefully with good-quality argumentation - that the holocaust did not happen, they should not only be fully allowed to express those ideas, but encouraged to do so. It is through debate and conversation among opposing views that we strengthen our societies and create new things, not the other way around. This current cancel ‘culture’ (which is not a culture at all, but the very opposite) only serves to weaken and artificially divide our societies.

In the U.S., under the shield of the 1st Amendment, it is not unlawful to question the holocaust (for example), although there is still a heavy penalty to be paid if one wishes to do it: immediate labeling as ‘anti-Semite’ for starters (at any rate, a more precise term would be ‘anti-Jewish’, because the Semites conform an ethnically and religiously diverse group of peoples, namely those who spoke the Semitic language, which included Jews and Arabs, among others) and quite a bit of hatred to follow, which is also unacceptable behavior.

The sarcastic joke you made at the start of the video IE Vladimir Putin I :heart: Ukraine " your insinuation he hates Ukraine is ignorant and simply not funny, Vladimir Putin sent his forces in to Ukraine to protect the people of Eastern Ukraine from being bombed arrested murdered for breaking the law by speaking russian and being aligned with Russia , I doint want to argue with you or any fellow Christians I do however wish you Americans would educate yourselves and stop being so blatantly ignorant of the facts Vladimir Putin has relatives in Ukraine as do millions of Russians please American people educate yourselves to the facts and stop looking at Russia through blind predudiced eyes as everytime USA goes in to a country to supposedly fight for the freedom of civilians they end up causing the deaths of thousands of civilians , please educate yourselves

Great question- why did Geico feel she was sn OK representative and who was behind this?

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there! Go Woke and Go broke Geico. I use Auto Owner myself been with them for years