Interview with Ex-Muslim Abdullah Sameer

Abdullah Sameer spent 15 years of his life as a devout Muslim. Now he is an ex-Muslim. Find out why he changed his mind.

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He was never a Muslim

God bless you, Abdullah abd David Wood. :slight_smile:

Muhammad said: ‘Whoever changes his religion, kill him.’" Sunan an-Nasai 4062, 4067, Book 37, Hadith 97; Bukhari vol.9, bk. 88, no. 6922; cf.vol.4, bk.56, no. 3017).
“Abu Burdah said: A man who turned back from Islam was brought to Abu Musa. He invited him to repent for twenty days or about so. Muadh then came and invited him (to embrace Islam) but he refused. So he was beheaded. Sunan Abi Dawud 4356, Book 40, Hadith 6

What is wrong with all you people who are following any of these religions? I just don’t get it! All three of these abrahamic religions; Judaism, christianity, and islam CONDONE slavery. If you are a normal human being you would automatically know, without anyone or any god telling you, that slavery is completely wrong. Human beings were never suppose to be enslaved and owned by other human beings, we as humans on this planet made this mistake in the past and I’m happy that most of the humans living today have evolved to a point where they themselves, without someone telling them, know that slavery is wrong.

Another point you all should think about. If god wanted the humans on this planet to live their lives according to his religion then why would he use a BOOK to communicate with them? Books are written by men. God, who created this entire infinite universe, all the galaxies, all the physical laws, all the infinite existence, could only come up with using a BOOK to communicate his message to the people. It makes no sense. How is anyone supposed to know which book is correct, the Torah, the Bible, or the Quran, but by the slavery example I gave above, you should automatically know that they are all made up and created by the minds of humans. Or any other religious scripture, and this planet has hundreds of these written down scriptures. If god wanted to send a message down to the humans I’m sure he would have done it in a much more unimaginably brilliant way. A god who has created the entire universe and all its intricate workings could only come up with the idea of using a BOOK to send his message down to humans? I don’t think so!! Use your brain people and think about things very very intensely!! Just one more thing, all these written down religious books have innumerable amounts of errors of all sorts. God sends down his message to humans in a BOOK that includes many types of scientific and other types of errors? Think about it…


Youtube is full of Muslims saying Islam is true, it is not, support me in exposing the lies of this deceptive and dangerous religion.

good show brothers. blessing

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Very cute smile from Abdullah Sameer !!

The muslim people really hate non muslim especially the western but i dont understand why lot if them migrate to christian country…
And make trouble where ever they go… What a shameless religion…

1:43:52 Simple answer to the fables of the Infancy gospels is that the stories simply contradict the four Gospels and cannot be inspired, David c’mon. Easy refutation.
Jesus performed his 1st miracle in the Wedding of Cana turning water to wine only at the behest of his mother. He was already adult at the time, generally believed to be 30 and then his ministry started from there. No need to give these esoteric, “but even if someone had a source from the 2nd, 3rd century we didn’t know” kind of stuff.

Regarding the “Israeli accent”, Abdullah has those wonderful Rs in his pronunciation, yes it is the same in Hebrew, but also French, Northern German, Dutch, Danish and the CHAD dialects of Southern Sweden and Western Norway.

I salute our pronunciation brotherhood

Welcome to your freedom, and I have heard the Jehovah’s witnesses are of the Sufi brand of Islam. I escaped from that cult, and now I am atheist.

Who was abdullah abil sam at the time of Mohammed? Was he a close friend of the so-called prophet?

This was best conversation between a Christian and an atheist I’ve ever heard. I wish
" Apostate prophet " participated with you as well could have been even better

God bless you both​:pray::pray::pray:

I absolutely love this channel dr Dave!:joy::+1::uk:
Been a fan for years bro

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