Interview with Ex-Muslim Armin Navabi (Founder of Atheist Republic)

David Wood interviews ex-Muslim Armin Navabi on why he left Islam and became an atheist.

Armin’s YouTube channel:

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Armin you have so sweet mother :heart_eyes: رحمة الله عليها may her soul rest in peaceful

Damn man armin got his shit done

I have a kurdish friend that has a similar story of how he left Islam like you.

David seems like he isn’t really listening but this is an amazingly detailed story.

19:15 the atheist claiming they are a victim group - see through it. that is his real religion.

Navabi’s family sounds like some great people.

Ex Muslim/Christian from Pakistan here, great interview :ok_hand:

Freedom, Armin!

(Thank you to David too.)

Armin, it is clear you awakened from a dark place, me too.

Thank you for sharing with us. You are a wonderful human Armin.
You learned so much and so well at a great cost to you. You are a good son and a good boy.
You know, I am a Grandmom, a Christian, who everyday, to this day, has to find the God of my understanding (even though I believe in Jesus).

I love you both​:heart:. Your surrogate Mom, sort of. :pray:t3:

Armin Navabi, lead a tortured young life, that is why he is screwed up today.

Islam is so disgusting!

Islam causes mental illness.

you forgot to welcome the aliens

Good talk guys!

David your intro covered more or less most religions except us Sikhs … great video never the less!

My people we have to think about our lives eternity,all this groups people are creating is still satanic creating way for more religion to confuse people to the right way to eternity.

david interview Daniel Scot from Australia also a lot of internet new atheists get their information from anti christian websites and now they think they know christianity

I understand his rightful skepticism and disdain for religion because of his Islamic background but it’d be awesome if he gave Jesus a try

Every fith muslim that hits the like button sends five prayers to allah (creative enouhg?)

David, you HAVE to interview Dave Cullen of Computing Forever and as he became Christian again.
And/or you should interview Ex-Muslim Christian Hazeem Faraj next.