Interview with Imam Tawhidi (the Imam of Peace!)

David Wood interviews Imam Mohammad Tawhidi (the Imam of Peace) on a variety of topics.

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Special thanks to Imam Tawhidi for sitting down with me for an interview during his visit to Washington, D.C.! (Note: This is an interview, not a debate.) In an age when various groups are trying to silence all opposition to their views, we should always respect people who are willing to answer questions on sensitive subjects. There are links to Imam Tawhidi’s book and Twitter page in the description box.

This man is on his path to light. May the spirit of the living God encounter him. The kingdom of God can really use this resource.

He maybe a bad muslim but he is a good human, who actually believes in universal brotherhood

fake imam

Um, the whole “don’t make friends with Jews and Christians” thing is pretty clear that what is said is what it means. Tawhidi is adding a lot of shit to the verse.

Who’s the “Pope” in Islam?

Since the prophet is dead, then the Quran can not be understood and therefore, what good is it?

This guy is already a Christian in denial. He has seen the error of Islam way, he wants out dont know how. David please have a secret talk and open and guide him to the true path

Mr. Tawhidi what I understand about Taqqiyah is for Muslims to lay low and hide their faith when in a society they are a minority and can be overwhelmed, however when their numbers keep rising and approach equality with non Musl8ms then they must not only assert themselves but wage war and establish Dar al Islam from their state of Dar al Harb. Correct me if I am wrong. Thank you.

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This is so scary. He would prefer to behead Dr Wood yet trying to appear peaceful. I still see the anger in him. You can’t become peaceful with in Islam :clown_face:

DISCLAIMER: these words do not reflect anything what so ever of the teachings of islam but of a rude person:

Yes you are now atheist also along with the fake christian missonary who is secretly an atheist aiming to please his viewers with critiqal content aqaint islam i will be giving hints on exatcly who he is and whats is his channel and u must give a answer ok here goes his name his collin and his voice has a queerness to it like cyclinderical objects have bored a great hole increasing the diameter of his colon and now what seemed an exit hole for waste is also really an entry hole collins colon am i correct?

He is one of the few imams who dare to speak the truth about Islam and he also like to reform Islam in to an peaceful religion.

I think the Imams intentions are good, but as soon as he said no one but Muhammed and those around him can interpret the quran everything after becomes highly questionable!! Muhammad had 9 wives caus he wanted to be family with them to save himself??? That is truly laughable

I Salute both of you… :star::star::star::star::star::star::star:may LORD JESUS BLESS YOU :pray: and your FAMILY too. :heart: Hallelujah…

Though I know Islam is false this imam comes with a honest energy. May God lead him into truth of Jesus.

Western and eastern philosophy wow!! But there exist Middle East and Arab philosophies

why is davids face so red? :smiley:

“some people who dont know you might be wondering why your not chopping my head off”, wtf… how can you start an interview like that!?!