Iowa State Students Required to Write about 9/11 Attacks from al-Qaeda Perspective

Students in an Iowa State International Studies class were recently given an interesting assignment: they were required to write about the 9-11 attacks from the perspective of al-Qaeda jihadis. In this video, David Wood completes the assignment.

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This is HOW educators are screwing up the minds of young Americans.

Share this on September 11 so people know why it happened.

The Professor reads D-Wood’s essay: “No! How can this be? I have failed! All my hard work presenting Islam as the religion of peace hasn’t worked. Oh Allaah, I have failed you. Now the only resolution left for me is Shaheed!”

You are on fire
How anyone can continue to support Islam after reading this is a complete moron

WTF!? What kind of a perverted professor is he!? Is the academia full of these sick worms?

Try to see the world by the prospective of the shaitan. Declare him innocent and the voilant to the Lord Jesus Christ.

If I remember 9/11 correctly, a lot of non-western countries and people expressed horror, sympathy, and solidarity with the US

2:25 This kind of assignment is predicated on the idea that if you take the time to research and write the paper as instructed it will weaken your opposition to the position you are arguing in favor of. I got quite a few along these lines in comp and rhetoric a few years ago. Write a paper on how human intervention is impacting evolution, write a paper on how socialism could improve America, and write a paper on global warming were my three favorites. I got a 0 on the first one even though I wrote 7 pages when only two were required, because I took a contradictory position, until I took it to the dean, who changed my grade to a 100.

For someone like me, who went to college as an adult, after being in the Navy for six years, this kind of paper isn’t an issue. For an 18 year old with no life experience, it’s brainwashing. The idea of getting people to argue a position they disagree with can be informative, but getting them to argue a position that is incompatible with western civilization is destructive, and intentionally so.

I now this is an old video, but it just popped up in my recommendations. I understand the intent of the professor, but there are certainly many other examples that could have been chosen to create this assignment. However, it likely was chosen because of the current world situation (i.e., the trendy thing to do).

But I am torn on this. I am a WTC survivor. I was standing on the corner of Fulton and Church, after evacuating the store I worked in (Borders Books & Music #142 RIP) shortly after the first plane hit the North Tower. Discussing the situation with the opening manager (I was the second mgr coming on shift that day) in front of the Millennium Hotel I had a front row seat to the impact of the second plane on the South Tower. I ran for my life when the towers began their collapse; I did not see my wife for about six hours; she waited desperately for word of my whereabouts the entire time while pregnant with our first child who could very well have been made fatherless before she was even born. I know why they claim they did it. I don’t give a shit. Our government does not ask us if it’s okay to drop bombs on another country; but just about any dickhead civilian in the Middle East can decide to go for glory and annihilate innocent bystanders as an act of revenge. It’s easy to do that instead of confront the soldiers in your country. To this day I am fervently anti-Islam, which is crazy considering I once let a female Muslim employee use my office for her prayer ritual everyday she was on shift. Now I would burn her rug, and her along with it.

Very good.
Think like a detective

I wish i had an opportunity to write that paper. It would have been the ABSOLUTE BEST parody paper EVER.

Well done, Mr. Wood!

Because the assignment itself says that there is no wrong answer, i also would have included "We jihadis predict that stoopid, traitorous, American professors will ask student to stand on the graves of innocent people for a mere lesson in “how to think like the enemy”

Back when the Japanese empire attacked Pearl harbor a Japanese admiral was quoted saying “I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant”, I think the muslins well find that statement true as well if they keep pushing us

What motivated 911 was the deployment of US troops in Saudi Arabia during operation dessert shield & dessert storm. Saudi partly funded it to protect Saudi from Saddam’s army. Osama was infuriated with infidels in their holy land. So, he organized the 911 attack. The invasion of Afganistan & Iraq came after 911. Saddam is all to blame & Osama should be grateful for the US help. False ideologies perceive everyone as enemies. Also causes psychosis.

You were Dead On Accurate, allahu akbar, except you referred to the Slaughtering of the Kuffir as “Murder” allahu akbar, as if killing unbelievers at every opportunity isn’t in allah’s perfectly twisted will! You also missed saying piece be upon him each time you referred to the pedophile. allahu akbar!

Great video. No, i am against such experiments, why to lower yourself thinking like a gand member if you’re not one? It is a degenerating, If you are learning wisdom you already can understand what other think, the way of it, everything. You don’t need to agree with it, but you can understand it pretty easily, while not degenetare, lower yourself to understand such a matter.

Best paper I’ve ever read!

can you believe that adam saleh is convinced that 9 11 was an inside job. XDXDXDXDXD

Mr wood, overall I think your paper was well done and properly written. however, since iowa has recently followed Dearborn in implementing sharia law, I am forced to cut off your hands.

Did he grade ur paper?