Iran Admits It Shot Down Ukrainian Passenger Plane

I’m at Vocab’s recording new episodes of Muhammad’s Boom-Boom Room, but I wanted to post this quick update on the Iran saga. After denying any involvement in the Ukrainian passenger plane crash near Tehran, Iran has finally admitted that it accidentally shot down the plane.

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During the Iran-Iraq War I remember reading in the newspaper that the pilots from both sides were unable to fly their planes at night because they couldn’t fly by instrument readings. Sounds like not much has changed in terms of their general competence. By all means lets give them access to build their own nuclear weapons in a few years (and billions of dollars) with that Iran Nuclear Deal that Obama/Biden and the Europeans were pushing.

Imagine if they had shot down a Russian plane full of Russians & Russian Orthodox Christians.:relieved:

nuke them till they glow, than shoot them in the dark, by accident of course

Do you even know how much innocent people are getting killed coz of your drone attacks? The problem is with the dirty governments the people have nothing to do with this.

What type of books do you read btw because I like how u have a lot of books : )

Iran gets pissed off at the USA, and what does Iran do shoots down a Uranian aircraft, gee that makes sense

All correct. I’m from iran .it was a shame for military personels. All people damn them. Ohhh I just hope and pray the days of these demons (ayatollahs) be over

Iran and Pakistan and Afghanistan Is bone pice in the neck of world

Iran stumbles over it’s own nuclear weapons.

USA also accidentally shot an Iranian passenger plane

Ukraine is the nr 1 ally of the US and Israel in Eastern Europe, a pillar of the US strategy of hegemony. It is no wonder that an Ukrainian plane was taken down. It is a message to the US and Israel.

Now imagine what it Iran has Tactical Ballistic Nuclear Missile and sent one into America or Israel and said “we did it by mistake”

The Iranian leaders were so sorry about the accidental shooting, they decided to deliberately shoot people protesting this accident. Congrats, ayatollah. Never stop shooting yourselves in the foot.

I think the Canadians were Iranian.

Remember what Sir Winston Churchill said about the muslims…he said…DON T TRUST THEM…and that was 50 years ago…DON T TRUST THEM…

So what? Lol Us navy shot down 280 passengers plane in 1988.

Would you trust an Iranian with nukes?

I wouldn’t trust an Iranian with my cab fare…

Islam idolizes death.
Life means nothing.
Islam is born of the devil - pure evil!!
And Muhammad is it’s best example.

“Brother makes a good point.” :wink: