Iran Executes Journalist Ruhollah Zam for “Corruption in the Land”

Yesterday, Iran executed journalist Ruhollah Zam (also spelled “Rouhollah” and “Roohollah”) for the crime of “corruption in the land.” Since this crime is mentioned in Quran 5:33, and since Western politicians and journalists often quote Quran 5:32 to claim that Islam prohibits violence, a closer look is in order. David Wood discusses the issue.

For the AP article quoted in this video (“Iran executes exiled journalist who encouraged 2017 protests”), click here: Iran executes exiled journalist who encouraged 2017 protests | AP News

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Stay away from Islam!!!

Just perfect, David, as usual.

Indeed piece, a piece here a piece there.

ALLAH IS the corruption in the land. ISLAM Just don’t know it.

They are spreading corruption in the lands of Lebanon and Iraq as well as in Iran itself…


Islam is the corruption in the land.

Watch a documentary called Iran in the Bible and is how Iran used to be.
Come back to your God oh Iran

That’s why we have to work to tell the world about this bad and ruthless religion, to save the world in it’s balance and harmony or they will kill all humans that are not accordance to their religion and beliefs

I’m an Iranian, thanks for covering this, it’s a shame that a journalist was so brutally tortured and killed by the regime, and yet nobody seems to care.

The way they lured him back to Iran, how dishonest and creepy. Do they not get it yet? The more they do stuff like this the more people will speak up.

“AP here is the Associated Press, not Apostate Prophet”

So true! The hypocrisy of “religion of peace”, thanks for the proof as I don’t care to read it. All so vile and corny to me, why people run around it and wasting oxygen.


hi IDOL…David Wood…! hope you are fit and well and always praying for your good health as always…
i just want to ask why in the book is always using the notation, "BC or Before Christ and AD or Anno Domini ( in the year of the Lord)???
if muhammad is a good prophet, why they didnt use “BM Before Muhammad” instead of BC…
just only confused about it…
thank you so much…


Why dont u mention that Zam himself came to tv and confessed that he was a spy and was getting paid from west? I dont want to say he deserved death but the roblem is why dont you cover all the truth?
Saudi Arabia killed Khashoggi and US cleaned their mess. Dont prtend like west countries are not guilty in these thing and cover the hole truth when it comes to politics.

@DavidWood, thanks for the good work. I think the west should listen to David Wood

ruhollah zam was exeuted because of economic protest and his work against govt not writng as a ex muslim