Statistics reported by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran claim that the country is 99.5% Muslim. A digital survey, however, shows that only 40% of Iranians now identify as Muslim. Hence, while Iran claims to be a Muslim-majority nation, a non-Muslim majority now dominates the population. David Wood discusses the issue.

To read the report discussed in this video (“Iran’s secular shift: new survey reveals huge changes in religious beliefs”), click here: Iran's secular shift: new survey reveals huge changes in religious beliefs

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I am ex Muslim Iranian too and confirm this msg! I learned the truth about Islam right after Islam took over the country and I was in my early teenage! I was without any believe till 6 yrs ago, I heard the gospel & believed right away! I met Jesus a few times in my early months of believe! Now I’m a master of divinity student and walking with God 24/7. True God is a joy that no one and nothing can give you plus all other His greatness & blessings. Inside Iran there is 2million born again Christians which is more than Germany with 1 million born again. Also many outside of country. God had plan for Iran!


as an Iranian i assure you 95 percent of the information you just received is technically bull**it. i’m anti regime but i’m a realist

Thank God… No more Shias… Big relief for Islam

I’m an Iranian atheist here :slightly_smiling_face::heart:. Thanks for spending time about us. Dear people of the world! We love you all. Helps us to get Iran back. :heart::heart::earth_asia:

Im In Iranian and Im Muslim. When I want tehran everyone was religous. Thast because you sources are western or who like in america. Idk what your talking about

Make Iran Zoroastrian again

We Non-Muslims love you. Keep up the Great Work.

iranians are not even muslim. iranians are shrine lovers and they were like that since antiquity islam is just a surface

I am so happy hail Ahura Mazda!

i just laugh at media who try to show that Iran current system and the Supreme Leader is mostly hated by Iranians, they try their best and very hard to show these kind of things ,but i wanted to inform that the hate for the supreme leader can’t exist in Irani hearts, not because he’s a supreme leader, but because he’s a marjah for shia muslims and marjah is the one who guides the muslims in absence of Muslim Caliph (for e.g for muslims when Imam Mahdi will arrive the supreme leader will hand the gov. to him and will work under him no matter what) , this is same like trying to prove that Christians hate pope the most, see it can’t happen, now that’s the same case with the supreme leader, he’s not only loved in Iran but he’s loved and followed by millions of muslims, he’s one of the two greatest Ayatollah alive, 1. Ayatollah Syed Ali Sistani (who few years ago met with pope) and 2. Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei (the current supreme leader) , yes they opposition people but they are few and those few support Ayatollah Shirazi, he’s also a respectable marjah but he never tries to disrespect him, he just opposed him because once the supreme Leader adviced the shia muslims to not use blades when they mourn Imam Hussain’s Martyrdom, and this is common among leaders, they try to settle the conflict through talks…so i just wanna advice the western media, stop this drama, Iranians are aware of everything that’s why they supported the revolution…

So… an internet poll. You realize how biased that is?

Just want to clarify sth, shia are not muslim and iran are not muslim

My parents fled from Iran during the revolution and I was born in Sweden 1994. All my related family are non religious. They hate what Islam and the regime has brought to the country including me. Sweden was a Christian country before but no one is religious anymore and people are generally open-minded and think religion is unnecessary.

You don’t have to believe in anything in order to be free. I think science gives me all answers.

Your fans are just anti islamic people who are ruining their lives

Wow people commenting about leaving Islam they just pretending they are ex Muslims and Iran has a Muslim majority

Thank you so much for this! HEAR THE CRIES OF PPL IN IRAN. We are being held hostage by muslim fascists.


I am an ex muslim Iranian and I am approve your video
I am now a christian :latin_cross:
Most of people in Iran hate Islam from deep of their hearts