Iran Will Never Have a Nuclear Weapon

Following the recent killing of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani, many are speculating that Iran will renew its quest to construct a nuclear bomb. While President Donald Trump recently tweeted that “Iran Will Never Have a Nuclear Weapon,” Iranian leaders know that there is an even greater threat to their nuclear ambitions: Israel. Will the U.S. airstrike against General Soleimani compel Ayatollah Khamenei to resume his country’s nuclear program? David Wood discusses the issue.

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Hi David thanks for leading me to christ :+1:t4::heart:

waiting for my Nintendo Nuclear Warhead, heard it won’t have a 4k screen only Oled but it is what it is.

iam Iranian and i know if iran reachd nuclear weapons he will sell it to terrorist organisations like hizb allah​:weary::pensive:

iam muslim and irani and aim shocked

imrand khan is a joke
even his own people dont take him seriously

It’s not that Iran can’t build a nuclear weapon, they just can’t do it secretly enough.

No doubt tensions are increasing between nations . We are in the last days … if war does start it can only escalate into near extinction. But the LORD has it all in HIS HANDS.

The rule should be either everyone can have nuclear weapons or no one can. These weapons are in actual fact a deterrent and make war less likely.

On a side note, the Israeli nuclear program may or may not have been aided and abetted by the RSA which may or may not also have nuclear weapons.

Thank you

if japan would want it they would have built it they can’t because of north korea

﴿لَقَد كَفَرَ الَّذينَ قالوا إِنَّ اللَّهَ هُوَ المَسيحُ ابنُ مَريَمَ وَقالَ المَسيحُ يا بَني إِسرائيلَ اعبُدُوا اللَّهَ رَبّي وَرَبَّكُم إِنَّهُ مَن يُشرِك بِاللَّهِ فَقَد حَرَّمَ اللَّهُ عَلَيهِ الجَنَّةَ وَمَأواهُ النّارُ وَما لِلظّالِمينَ مِن أَنصارٍ﴾ [المائدة: ٧٢]
They have certainly disbelieved who say, “Allāh is the Messiah, the son of Mary” while the Messiah has said, “O Children of Israel, worship Allāh, my Lord and your Lord.” Indeed, he who associates others with Allāh - Allāh has forbidden him Paradise, and his refuge is the Fire. And there are not for the wrongdoers any helpers.

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﴿لَقَد كَفَرَ الَّذينَ قالوا إِنَّ اللَّهَ ثالِثُ ثَلاثَةٍ وَما مِن إِلهٍ إِلّا إِلهٌ واحِدٌ وَإِن لَم يَنتَهوا عَمّا يَقولونَ لَيَمَسَّنَّ الَّذينَ كَفَروا مِنهُم عَذابٌ أَليمٌ﴾ [المائدة: ٧٣]
They have certainly disbelieved who say, “Allāh is the third of three.” And there is no god except one God. And if they do not desist from what they are saying, there will surely afflict the disbelievers among them a painful punishment.

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So will they not repent to Allāh and seek His forgiveness? And Allāh is Forgiving and Merciful.

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﴿مَا المَسيحُ ابنُ مَريَمَ إِلّا رَسولٌ قَد خَلَت مِن قَبلِهِ الرُّسُلُ وَأُمُّهُ صِدّيقَةٌ كانا يَأكُلانِ الطَّعامَ انظُر كَيفَ نُبَيِّنُ لَهُمُ الآياتِ ثُمَّ انظُر أَنّى يُؤفَكونَ﴾ [المائدة: ٧٥]
The Messiah, son of Mary, was not but a messenger; [other] messengers have passed on before him. And his mother was a supporter of truth. They both used to eat food. Look how We make clear to them the signs; then look how they are deluded.

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﴿قُل أَتَعبُدونَ مِن دونِ اللَّهِ ما لا يَملِكُ لَكُم ضَرًّا وَلا نَفعًا وَاللَّهُ هُوَ السَّميعُ العَليمُ﴾ [المائدة: ٧٦]
Say, “Do you worship besides Allāh that which holds for you no [power of] harm or benefit while it is Allāh who is the Hearing, the Knowing?”

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﴿قُل يا أَهلَ الكِتابِ لا تَغلوا في دينِكُم غَيرَ الحَقِّ وَلا تَتَّبِعوا أَهواءَ قَومٍ قَد ضَلّوا مِن قَبلُ وَأَضَلّوا كَثيرًا وَضَلّوا عَن سَواءِ السَّبيلِ﴾ [المائدة: ٧٧]
Say, “O People of the Scripture, do not exceed limits in your religion beyond the truth and do not follow the inclinations of a people who had gone astray before and misled many and have strayed from the soundness of the way.”

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﴿لُعِنَ الَّذينَ كَفَروا مِن بَني إِسرائيلَ عَلى لِسانِ داوودَ وَعيسَى ابنِ مَريَمَ ذلِكَ بِما عَصَوا وَكانوا يَعتَدونَ﴾ [المائدة: ٧٨]
Cursed were those who disbelieved among the Children of Israel by the tongue of David and of Jesus, the son of Mary. That was because they disobeyed and [habitually] transgressed.

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﴿كانوا لا يَتَناهَونَ عَن مُنكَرٍ فَعَلوهُ لَبِئسَ ما كانوا يَفعَلونَ﴾ [المائدة: ٧٩]
They used not to prevent one another from wrongdoing that they did. How wretched was that which they were doing.

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﴿تَرى كَثيرًا مِنهُم يَتَوَلَّونَ الَّذينَ كَفَروا لَبِئسَ ما قَدَّمَت لَهُم أَنفُسُهُم أَن سَخِطَ اللَّهُ عَلَيهِم وَفِي العَذابِ هُم خالِدونَ﴾ [المائدة: ٨٠]
You see many of them becoming allies of those who disbelieved [i.e., the polytheists]. How wretched is that which they have put forth for themselves in that Allāh has become angry with them, and in the punishment they will abide eternally.

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I think we should give them a few.

Islam is destroying Iranians true culture

Some of these countries don’t realise that the US is constantly watching them. How far do they think these missiles will go before they are shot down.

Nukes are the ultimate terror weapon.

Pakistan , iran and Trukey are nuclear timebomb.

You left out South Africa Dave. We had a great little program going with the help of Israel. But before we handed over the country to the ANC the US made sure it was decomissioned. I like your videos very much Dave.

Technology and science have gone long way since 1950’s. Iran has both capacity of enriching Uranium .and second route through Plutonium reprocessig from Heavy-Water reactors spent fuel rods. If Iran really wanted to build/detonate nuclear weapon they would had them by now…
Many countries had capacity/knowledge/industry developed enough to build nuclear bomb and only thing preventing them is knowledge about consequences of traveling that road…
Sanctions, threat of,military intervention and international isolation. That worked on Iran - didn’t work on North Korea…