Iranian Man Beheads His 17-Year-Old Wife

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, a man recently beheaded his 17-year-old wife, Mona Heydari, and proudly carried her head around the city of Ahvaz. Since Iranian authorities are notorious for protecting men who carry out “honor killings,” justice will not be served.

For the Associated Press article quoted in this video (“Iran media report says man confesses to decapitating wife”), click here:

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Just saw the actual footage of this event, it is the aftermath of him walking with her head while being cheered by his cousins and friends. :exploding_head::scream:

Peace :peace_symbol: by beheading People???

What a stupid video! From the way you talk and how you had written that fake Email I see you are trying to imply that most Iranians are becoming “Christians” and only a ‘Minority’ remains Muslim, and this minority behead their wives and daughters. You are the most stupid person in modern history, or maybe you’re not stupid, but you’re trying to spread this stupidity to other people. There are maniacs everywhere and I assure you, if you commit intentional murder in Iran, the penalty is death. Whether it’s a man or a girl. Your source for this whole story was Twitter and a fake news reporter “Masih Alinejad”. So sad to see you crumble like this Steve. :broken_heart:

Someone please listen to the people of Iran!!

Islam ain’t about peace it’s about murdering women and taking advantage of the weak. Yeah brother saw the video made me :cry: sad.

How dares he​:sneezing_face::sob::sob::sob:Pool girl her ex was such a whole

You better not blame islam on this psychotic people or countries, islam is a religion of peace and murdering in islam is something that can’t be forgiven

Just to know this is has nothing to do with Islam at all, I’m saying that because a lot would love nitpicking on Islam, this is a haphazard barbaric cases, it is tabu in Islam the honour killing letalone boasting with her head in one hand the knife in the other, infidelity killing by jealous spouse in every countries, USA alone have infidelity killing cases by the millions, ok? thank you.

Don’t worry, Just a girls head got chopped off, This is what peace means for us brathaa. And we are proud of that.

This is sickening barbaric n demonic

No wonder why she ran away in the first place. That guy is a psycho.

Oh well, if anyone use the finger and search about the history of honor killing he will find out the honor killing is something going back to pre_islam Era. Yeah the Angloaxons know how to put down browns, easterns, and Muslims down. Thanks to the Christianity Anglo Saxons civilized a little bit. Otherwise God knows who would they be.

In no way or form, is that a part of Islam where you are allowed to behead a young lady nor anyone for anything like that. Those people are going to hellfire according to Islam. That’s the same as us highlighting the US military’s overwhelmingly christian military, murdering innocents in Vietnam, Iraq or whichever country it has destroyed and blaming it all on Christians. Allah will surely throw anybody who murders using the name of Islam into hellfire. You as well though

Omg this evil …iranian abuse sexually n killed many Afghan children omg

I can feel fake video shop in your post , if people or I should say the Muslim is totally different than Islam as the Christian are different from the Christianity, so David you think that Christian never abused the Christianity religion? Go read the history carefully . I am saying all that not I like what Muslim doing to their wife’s or daughters but that’s doesn’t means the religion( Islam ) if telling them to do that . So basically you mixing up too much things and overwhelming the issues that Muslim doing it and you put it on Islam shoulder .
If you need help in any verses I can help you .

This is sick

This is what they get on following a mad man I feel like vomiting seeing him smiling he looks like Satan!

Follower of mohmmad will do only what mohhamd did

Hi act17
If u r believing Jesus than u’ve got a mission to do brother
Make a video and invite Iranian to Christianity (although they might not be too religious and just say yes to become clean of that barbaric so called Islam l) but I promise u u’ll have millions of successful cases