Iranians Love America and David Wood!

After drawing attention to Iran’s “Death to America!” slogan in yesterday’s video, I received a number of messages from Iranians who wanted us all to know that most Iranians are not anti-American. Interestingly, Iranians also love David Wood!

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The people are held hostage by regimes. Iran, China, North Korea, Russia.
Citizens wouldnt seek asylum if they’re happy with their government.

You got to see pictures of Iran in the 60s. It was an amazing place.

Love you brother for your fight against tyranny and injustice.


Lol I am iranian and all of this traitors are immigrants and pro shah supporters, they don’t even live in Iran. Brainwashed by Zionist propaganda.

Exactly! We Iranians hate the government and the people that stand side by side the government ain’t actual Iranians! Over 90% people in Iran (including me) just want to get rid of the hellhole the Islamic government made for us, WE DO NOT SUPPORT THE GOVERNMENT AND WE STAND AGAINST IT TILL THR END

God bless Iranians and muslim people of goodwill. Lord liberate your people all over the world, make us one as the Trinity is One.

I am from Poland and i Love Iran. FREE IRAN!!!

The fact that they hate islam and arabs, turks does not mean they love zionist america

David Wood clearly pronounciate his language ,i like it,

true, 78% of Iran is more liberal, progressive, modernised and secular than you can imagine…(63% don’t identify as muslim). Down with the Ayatollah, down with the Islamic Republic

Believe me no one hates Iranians. Here in the States there are many Iranians who are wonderful people. We are praying that you will be released from the evil that is there and you can be a free people again.

We Iranians, inside and outside the country, always use “the Islamic Republic (IR)” instead of the word “Iran” to distinguish ourselves from the government.
In fact slogans and culture war has become really prevalent inside Iran. For example many Iranians now refer to themselves as Aryans, cause Iran means “The Land of Aryans” or we celebrate Cyrus The Great and real Iranian culture. These are some of the ways we fight against the Ayatollahs Regime which are trying to forcibly replace the true Persian Culture with the Islamic Culture.

It’s time for the church to reunite. Come back Persian brothers and sisters.

God bless Iran in the mighty name of Jesus!

We pray for native Americans to get freedom from the Europeans pirates

All nations belong to Jesus, all people, nation, tongue and tribe will confess His name

Ok and we dont like iran. Stay in your country