Is Ben Affleck a Racist?

On a recent episode of “Real Time,” Bill Maher and Sam Harris declared that Islam is more violent than other religions and ideologies. Ben Affleck called such a view “racist.” But since the Qur’an says far worse things about non-Muslims than Maher or Harris say about Muslims, why doesn’t Affleck condemn the Qur’an? Is it because he has lower expectations for Muslims? If so, does this make him a racist?

Ben afleck…my respect to you

You should make the film follow-up to Dogma I think I seen it if it’s a satire I know I seen it I don’t recall it right now but why not why not have a movie about the truth and make fun of it

islam is disgusting, point blank period!

You never learn jajajaja You been put in your place and you still keep on yapping turn on your dislike jajajaja let’s see how many people agree with you ……

He’s clearly got major psychological issues requiring professional counseling and help.

Ben Affleck what Stalin referred to as a useful idiot

I frankly don’t give a crap if he is a racist.
AS AN AMERICAN, HE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE- as long as he doesn’t infringe on other people’s rights.

“You don’t judge a whole group of people based on the actions of a few”, UNLESS you are judging Christians, Republicans, caucasians or heterosexuals, right Ben?

Is Ben Affleck racist? Of course. According to the Woke Left, of which he is part, he is White, therefore a racist. Also- NEVER FORGET- Affleck’s family owned slaves…that alone warrants cancellation according to the racist, hypocritical woke Left.

What does actors knows the best thing they can do in is being someone else.

Shut up more u talk more you make urself ridiculous

Slam dunk by David Wood. Wish I had found this video earlier.

Ben Affleck is a real dick.

Yeah, he just yells. I figure how much he got paid for the Islam…

Most western people are just as ignorant about Islam as Ben Affleck and more …
No one in the west reads the Quran and sees how much hatred and violence it promotes

What can you expect from a actor…

Quran has some very dangerous statements about Christian people.

‘lives matter’ put a colour in front of that statement and some might call that racist

The Accountant is a good movie. Writers and directors made it good. It could have been great if only they choose different actor to play Ben’s role. I knew there is something with him. I don’t even bother to watch his Batman portrayal. He just want attentions