At 10:00pm (Eastern Time), David Wood, Vada, Kdub, Vocab Malone, Chris, and Kieffer get together to partake of steak and iced tea, and to discuss apologetics (specifically, “Is Christianity the white man’s religion?”). Join them as they partake of victuals, and they may answer your questions!

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1:30:20 was it acc him doing the beat ?


1:18:20 what a religion

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46:20 eeee he hit that ish hard bro

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Ar 52 oo david wood speaks of muhammad promoted. Pagan sourcea well explan mitraism and the celebrating the birth of jesus on December 25 which is the bith date of miyhra a persian godist and Easter acts ch 12 verse4. Christain stole the God Amen from nubia See egyptian loan words in the old Testament. Also See ARTICLE Divine symbolism of The Dove bibical Archeology in review

Im going say it vold loud and proud the kuklux Klan southern slavery owning melanated people is a white Mans religion. THERE Not a caucasian on the planet that does not. Poseses melanin all humanity poses melanin which is a perfect conductor of light and energy. Science teach 75 percent of the universe is BLACK matter 25 percent is a dark energy

It was the nazarati are bizrat thar saved islam from extinction The abvasynia king her surah Maryam. And he told the enemies of the prophet. Thar he would not send them back and they begin ti be imagrints of abbasynia are ethiopia

The copts used the ankh aa a symbol instead of the Roman cross which is a symbol of Egypt?

Ar the 1800 minute he speaks of the copts have any body ever read the book the book of life which speaks of the self creation of God. The black muslims teach WE The Original People Are The presence writers Of the bible and Qur’an Malcom x in his biography teaches that christianity has its birth in Africa. and afterits birth the caucasian begin to steal rape and pillage. In the name of christianity The copts also have a book call the ethiopian book of life where they practice majic

This is Coooool , ANYONE who knows the “WORD” The “TRUTH” knows it went out to the WORLD & for EVERY RACE , WE are told to “LOVE” EVERYONE . This is what OUR LORD came to tell US ALL .Why ANYONE would even think JESUS was “WHITE” is strange considering he was a Middle eastern Jewish Man ,I PRAY with ALL My HEART that Race/Color ever becomes an issue when it comes to deciding on FAITH in the SAVIOUR (who would “CONDEMN” this as an issue) This is a very good topic ,Ipray many eyes and HEARTS become OPEN , in Jesus “HOLY” name !

AMEN :pray:

You philosophizing too much
You ain’t smart or good you just think like that but you aint

We are all one in Christ Jesus.

Work hard, love your neighbor and forgive your enemies.

Fight hard, kill the unbeliever and suppress opinions.

That’s some sick freestyles.