Is Isaiah 29:12 a Prophecy about Muhammad? A Reply to Zakir Naik

According to Zakir Naik (and many other Muslim apologists), Isaiah 29:12 contains a prophecy about Muhammad. The verse states: “Then the book will be given to the one who is illiterate, saying, ‘Please read this.’ And he will say, ‘I cannot read.’” Zakir Naik claims that since this is exactly what happened to Muhammad, the Bible contains a clear prophecy about Muhammad. But what happens when we read the verse in context and realize that Isaiah 29:12 is about a man who stubbornly rejects God’s revelations and refuses to obey God? If this is about Muhammad, then Muhammad is a rebel against God!

Weak argument. All you have to do is read the verse. You are creating your own narrative. This fits Muhammad because he warned the Jews the same thing.

How does Zaik Naik sleep with such deceptions? That guy is an Advocate of the Devil. Islam! What a religion.

Isaiah 29:11 refers to Jesus. Isaiah 29:12 refers to Muhammad. And who is best to explain such prophesy or matter but Elias, the reincarnated Elijah, by God’s authority. Moreover such fact is confirmed by God’s Signature, the Miracle Code 19, that bears God’s attributes, the First(1) and the Last(9), Alpha(1) and Omega(9), the Beginning(1) and the End(9), the Outermost(1) and the Innermost(9).

The Bible and the Quran state,

AV Isa 29:11 And the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed, which [men] deliver to one that is learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I cannot; for it [is] sealed:

  • English Gematrical Value (EGV) for ISAIAH 29:11 = I(10) S(60) A(1) I(10) A(1) H(5) 29:11 = 106011015 2911

  • Jesus born on 25 December = 2512.0

AV Isa 29:12 And the book is delivered to him that is not learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I am not learned.

  • English Gematrical Value for MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH = M(40) U(6) H(5) A(1) M(40) M(40) A(1) D(4) A(1) B(2) D(4) U(6) L(30) L(30) A(1) H(5) = 40651404014 1246303015

  • Muhammad born in year 570, received the Book (Quran) in year 609, and died in year 632 = 570.0 609.0 632.0

God thus explains His revelations for you, that you may understand.(2:242)

  • 106011015 2911 2512.0 2912 40651404014 1246303015 570.0 609.0 632.0 2242 = 19 x 5579527120 5855326469 0740270547 4427612121 1345792679 2800118.00

Peace from Elijah/Elias.

Isaiah 29:12=Acts 8:30-31

Jesus is not god, he is a human prophet

“dalam KITAB KRISTEN YESAYA 29:12 tidak ada nabi BODOH yang DINUBUATKAN datang!! kalau ada NABI BODOH yang PALSU yg nongol dalam KITAB KRISTEN YESAYA 29:12 setelah TUHAN YESUS BANGKIT, maka nabi itu gue berakin mukanya…” KITAB YESAYA itu KITAB MILIK AGAMA KRISTEN!! :rofl::rofl:

This guy is always trashing Islam, the Quran and the prophet Mohammad. he has nothing to offer in his religion. bear with me here, in Christianity, God the creator of the universe which is 93 billion light years send “his only son” or he came in the human form (whatever your mind can make sense of) to be tortured and be murdered by humans. where is the power and the pride of God. for me this is no different from the idol worshipers in some civilisations.

HAHA! yes the same way you fabricated the description of the prophet Muhammad to be someone bad and hated after being described as someone good and loved.

Funny to even know that the name of the cave “Hira” at which the first revelation took place is mentioned in the original Greek bible Codex Sinaiticus but the name is changed. There is no wonder you keep changing the “context” of verses to suit your desires. Keep going :clap:

Ahhhh why did they not mention kedar and mount sela???

“Juses or Muhammad “ nope… it’s supposed to be Juses or Muhammad, Juses and all the other prophets peace be upon all of them. Y’all argue with Muslims that believes in all the prophets. But, you agree with atheists!!! All holly books aside. I wanna believe in a religion that respect and believes in all the prophets. Peace be upon all of them.

To me it makes sense because Israel people case was finished with coming of prophet Muhammed.There no more prophet to be sand to them.It’s sealed.

You guys are so very confused. If I agree to whatever you are saying, (as there are many versions of Bible out there)

What do you have to say about matthew15:24, John16:13, John14:16, John15:26, John16:7-14

Say you believe it is talking about Blind Dajjal, (Anti Christ.) If yes then there is only one place for you to head and you know it.

That’s Joseph smith not Muhammad


Now wood is learning how to read in context.

Haha you people’s will never debate him, he challenge the whole world but you are hidden yourself, come out and debate him :wink:

:joy::joy: The dislikes must be from muslims

Pls get the Fk outta here with your false hood the says in Revelations very end part, I believe its 22 or something saying and I John attest to the prophecy of this book to ever add to this book may the plagues of the world be cast on to him and who so ever take away from the prophecy of this book may his name be taking from the book of life I.E Heaven/Paradise, you should really read this book more and make the simple connection and stop spreading falsehood for it shall be better for you

Beyond bullshyt I swear the Christian people swear the have the answer smh this is sooooo sad but laughable all in one such blatant ignorance on such high levels