Is Islam a Threat to the West? David Wood vs. Shadid Lewis (Debate)

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The Quran commands Muslims to violently subjugate unbelievers (9:29; 9:73; 9:123). More than 1.6 billion people worldwide believe that the Quran is the Word of Allah. Does this mean that Islam is a threat to the West? David Wood and Shadid Lewis debate the evidence.

Islams foundation is Roman Catholicism ( paganism). Yes Roman Catholicism and Islam are definite threats to the Christian world(Those who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus - Revelation 14:12)…The Word of God is clear. All those westerners who have rejected Jesus as God and Saviour will be subjected to the deception of Roman Catholicism. .Study the Books of Daniel and the Revelation. Read “The Great Controversy” by Ellen White . Free online

why is talking politics so much. He can’t give proof for the most of his arguments and his arguments are basically we did are doing wrong see you did wrong too. He saying how west is bad. If david had started counting all of islam’s wrongdoings and sins the debate would have gone for years.

Lewis tried to get away using False dilemma fallacy, but couldn’t move on.
-the western is the greatest

Thanks David.

Jeees… calm down Shadid Lewis.

I love how he keeps saying the US or ANYTHING BESIDES CHRISTIANS. & Muslims don’t know how to MAKE the military weapons cuz th3y’r inbr3d

Violence dont have a religion, but it seems one religion have all the violence…

The guy defending Islam is not doing a very good job of defending Islam but only deflecting the charges brought forth in this debate with things that are distractions or completely off-topic. This is not how debates or minds are won.

India has second largest population of muslims in the world…more than 200 million…that is why India is still in the list of 11 worst countries for women…it is pitching for Uniform Civil Code to ameliorate the effects of islam but it is still work in progress…as Mr Woods said the problem is in the book

Shadid’s worthless talk

Shadid tried to claim all people of colour have a different culture to white people - what absolute bs!
Latinos a predominantly Christian so their culture is very similar to ‘white culture’ (the ignorance shadid has in just claiming white people are a monolith re culture is a whole other story).
Many many many African are also Christian - Ethiopia and 2 others were of the first which Christian’s was spread to after Christ was resurrected.
All the Asians that are Christians have no issues with their culture being similar to so called ‘white culture’ which is in fact just Christian culture.

The only people of colour who have a different culture that cannot and will not attempt to integrate or is capable of being similar is that of Muslims regardless of their colour!

Love his clarity and humor. I listen to every genre of Christian apologetics and concerning Islam and atheism he is at the top 2 or 3 in my opinion.

Poor guy doesn’t know he’s both satan and a raisin head according to his reliigon

Shadid tidak gunakan Qur’an untuk menidakkan argumentasi wood. Hanya menggunakan politiks walaupun perbahasan adalah mengenai asas kepercayaan agama. Seperti PAS Di Malaysia Yang cepat menggunakan agama Dan bangsa

In Shadid Lewis’ opening statement I knew this was going to a crap argument from his side. He couldn’t defend the Islamic side of the threat so he throws out side arguments that have nothing to do with Islam

Sir David Wood :boom::boom:

When the Muslim was talking about The West is dying he put stuff out of context and was not impressive :joy:

The only time Muhammad was mentioned in the Bible was when Jesus said false Prophets will be in the future😂 Good Job David✌️.

It’s a threat to women and girls that’s for sure!!!