Is Mohammed Hijab Plotting the Assassination of David Wood?

Have we uncovered a plot to recruit a keyboard jihadi to assassinate David Wood? Let’s examine the connection between Mohammed Hijab and a recent death threat.

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I’ll be LIVE with Sam Shamoun at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing Mohammed Hijab’s challenge to Christian apologists to fight him. Hijab’s meltdown continues. Here’s the link: - YouTube

I hope david wood is strapped and ready.

My reply to tile

mohammed hijab should be exposed dramatically

David , I just discovered your channel.I used to be a muslim ,not anymore .You speak from heart , keep doing what you are doing .These cowards may threat you but history does not remember cowards .We only remember brave people like you .

Let’s pray for David and his family, that they never will be hurt! God bless them!:pray:

I am really amazed so as to how you are alive? Don’t you feel frightened. I am frighthened for you. Do you have security? They are fucking rapists and animals!

Jesus is lord

Keep trying david coal, I wonder how you feel after that roasting debate!

David Wood fell on his own sword a long time ago.

Did you see Jordan Peterson just put out an interview that he did with Mohammed Hijab?

Don’t worry brother David no one can’t don’t nothing to Jesus here for everyone that believes in him he god he’s the way and he’s the truth blood of Jesus is cover us​:pray::pray::pray:

The biggest problem of muslim is we do not make fun to any prophet like you same on you.

You’re still alive?
I thought Mohammed Hijab nuced this fool
Spoiler alert: i know you’re a liar

You are so desperate to get back at him hahaha after such an slap on your face

Shut up u already lost the debate months ago

Stop it clown,if only u had skills in debate rather than on the thumbnail…lol​:joy::joy:

Wth, that’s the exact guy who replied to my comment and I thought he was just an ordinary user until I saw this.

Watch this debate you will know many things and watch devate dr zakir naik and willian campell