Is Muhammad an Antichrist According to the Bible?

According to the Qur’an, the Bible contains prophecies about Muhammad (see Qur’an 7:157; 61:6). Yet, when we open the Bible, we find that Muhammad is condemned as an antichrist (1 John 2:22-23)! Muslims try to ignore this by claiming that the Bible has been corrupted. But if the Bible has been corrupted, why did Muhammad say that we should go to it to find prophecies about him? If the Bible has been corrupted, why does Allah say that no one can change his words (6:115; 18:27)? If the Bible has been corrupted, why does Allah command Jews and Christians to judge by the Torah and the Gospel (5:43-47)?

So modern muslims claim the New Testament is corrupt.
But Muhammed said if you want to understand the Koran, read the New Testament.
Why did God not preserve the Bible?
Because everything in the Koran is really all you need, all it does is really confirm it, really settle it in a way that matters had never been settled before.

Or it was Satan trying to replace the Bible with the Koran, which is my clear reading.

yes mohamed is anti christ

Christian follow the new testament that is Satan. Old testament orthodoxy :orthodox_cross: enoch is god.

The Antichrist is Mohammed

David pls make a video about MEHDI Antichrist

Muhammad was the Antichrist


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and that, my friends, is how it’s done! :latin_cross:

You idiots
Some one who call Jesus not son God is Antichrist is not the case
It actually means
If that person says he is God or he’s Jesus
Than he’s the antichrist

Muhammad is Anti christ.

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Ofcourse Mohammad was a mouth piece of Satan and Allah is true face of Satan.

A serpents tongue is crafty and deceptive. Whoever says Jesus is not the One. He is decevied like Eve was by the best deceiver.

Repent and turn To the One and only true God.


Maybe muhammad was born AD 666 or is the time when islam was founded by him.

“Presupposes” lol ok

Juste relise la bible car la bible mention le prophete de l islam est Jésus dit lui meme qu’ il est un prophète un homme non dieu ni le fils de dieu est la bible mentione d autre fils de dieu comme adam . Dailleur la science atteste du coran et la bible atteste de mohammed donc arrete de trompé les gens par ce que le probleme c est que l anti christ le dajjal va sortir est vous lui prepare le terrain donc relisez la bible est taisez vous merci

All Religions have the same root religion from Sumerian civilization. Rest is like my dick is bigger than yours style polished bullshit.

Jesus Christ said I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE! Christ is the only way to SALVATION for everybody! hallelujah :raised_hands: for Jesus Christ King :crown: of King’s ♔ Lord of lord’s!