Is Muhammad Mentioned in Isaiah 42? (Islam Critiqued)

The latest so-called “Biblical prophecy of Muhammad” is Isaiah 42, which mentions “Kedar” and “Sela.” Muslim dawah teams insist that “Prophet Muhammad” somehow fulfilled the prophecies in this passage. A closer look, however, shows that Muslim apologists should be embarrassed that they have to try to force their false prophet into the Bible. The Islam Critiqued Channel discusses some of the many problems with the Islamic argument.

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Muhammad isn’t a name. Its more like a title. A title can be applied to anyone. In fact, the title of Muhammad can be applied to Jesus or God. Because of all things, Jesus Christ is the only one worthy of Praise. I suspect the title of Muhammad was first being used for Jesus. The character of Muhammad of Islam wasn’t invented until the 9th century!

David woods is mentioned in the Bible too…1 samuels 23:16 And Jonathan, the son of Saul, rose up, and went to David {into the} wood

Very helpful. Thank you.

How can Isaiahs prophecy relate to jesus when jesus was a pacifist and did not turn the idol worshippers back in utter shame.
Jews say it’s king Cyrus or the messiah who hasn’t arrived yet.

Let’s cut to the chase, We are in a spiritual war against unfairness. The all powerful all has all power. We are atheists that rule with fairness.

Hhhhhhh man aks from Jewish , Jewish confirmed it that Mohammad peac be upon him the decenden of Ishmael then who are you stupid generation.

Man you don’t know that’s not name is titles and he is name is Muhammad, even the Jews perspective Christianity is idols worshiping

Mentioning 99 names was a good start for clutching at straws. Secondly he completely ignores where Sela is on the map (obviously it’s modern day; no point LATCHING on to that is there?). He was quickly speaking trying to portray his confidence in his attempt to make a response video. This was amusing

Thanks a lot thats great work what islam has jesus is the only lord and lord of all

It’s amazing you researched multiple details. But never question the first subject. The 99 names.
Why 99 names not 100 ?
Or what was the point of 99 names?
The details you passed, says your attention or agenda is incomplete.
So from the first neglected . Means your entire presentation may also be incomplete.

Open the google map and find “sela mountain” then you know that it is near medinah. In muhammad history it was told that people of kedar sing thola al badru alaina to welcome their new prophet

Moab is asians

Your lies about Prophet Muhammad are like lying like anything.

Isaiah 42 is clearly about Arabian prophet. That is prophet Muhammad PBUH

It’s not Jesus. It’s the second coming one maybe.

hows the pay this month?

Muslims apologetics: MOHAMMAD IS IN BIBLE!!!

Christian apologetics:Yes Mohammad is in Bible in Matthew 24:11 (UKJV) And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

they try so hard to see that their lunatic is mentioned in the bible. no Al lah or Muhammad is mentioned in the bible… the various books of the bible was written centuries before the quran was written … :smile::smile: