Is Muhammad Mentioned in John 1:19-21? (A Reply to Shabir Ally)

Popular Muslim apologist Shabir Ally claims that Muhammad is “the prophet” mentioned in John 1:19-21. We wonder if Shabir has read the rest of the chapter, and if he has thought about the implications of his argument.

Shabir Ally - you are the most confused as you have never clearly understood anything but raising doubts and questions to find answers to support your corroded and manipulated quran by your own scholars and above all using Allah’s name which is blasphemy as you are using God’s name in vain.

Jews expecting a jew … not non-jew​:+1::+1:

Muslims are desperate to look Mohammad in any book but he is no where😂

Muslims will always claim and uses our bible to defend their religious belief the answer is simple: because they are still looking for their Allah and their prophet their Koran is empty

I don’t know why Muslims schooler s are so stupid? Thay have not brain only Mohammed.

Thank you so much David, I thank God for coming across someone like you. It doesn’t actually make sense to just pick a statement from a book and ignore the rest. This is how Muslim scholars do, they can do anything possible just to satisfy their argument. May God continue to shower you with wisdom, strength, love and understanding.
Anyone who speak against The Lord, shall be exposed.

This man is an idiot.

There is no truth in Islamic religion only. Christianity my friend jesus is the truth forget ABT Muhammad

That has to be one of the most desperate attempts I have ever seen in my life, especially from shabir. I truly wonder sometimes why shabir is not a Christian yet? With his knowledge of the Quran and Bible, it baffles me how he has not converted yet? Maybe into deep with his books, the stations, and admired Muslim from his people he is ashamed to convert even knowing the truth. That’s sad.

Hello David Wood, Can you translate this video un french ??

What a hateful snaylsis ! Jews are no longer the chosen people and this bothers him.

Ha ha how stupid of this quotation for Mahummad.

U can not find truth in Koran. Only Jesus is the way truth and life

No of course not, thats just lies

Praise God Amen Hallelujah God bless you

the dear muslim brother the simple answer to john 1 verse 21 is found in acts chapter three verse 22 to 26, in the new testament…not to worry God has prepared every way in his word Jesus the Word come alive …the written being his body (physical-body-written word) for you to know him…all is prepared my brother…believe in him…

Moslems are very smart when the come to the bible , what was the reply for the people who are sent? the know very well that when the go farther the will be confued. about Mohammed is not mention anywhere in the bible if you take a very look.

Is Muhammad Mentioned in John 1:19-21?
Answer…NO! Muhammad is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible…period! So, S T O P looking for it!
Muhammad does not have the qualifications to be a Prophet for any religion!
Besides, why look for any confirmation from a book you claim is corrupt? Go figure!

I feel bad for people who grew up in Islam, many will never know how horribly they have been mislead and how beautiful it is to know the Lord, and how reliable and perfect his divine word is. There is no match to it and challenges you to taste for yourself against any scripture and see that it is faithful to be the ultimate truth, sharper than a two edged sword.