Is Muhammad the Father of All Muslims? Another Quran Variant

Surah 33, verse 6 of the Quran calls Muhammad’s wives the “mothers of believers.” Interestingly, the verse originally included the words “and he (i.e. Muhammad) is their father.” The words “and he is their father,” however, are not in the Quran today. What happened to Muhammad’s spiritual fatherhood? David Wood discusses the issue.

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Cheesiest of the Cheesiest.

I’m lost, are you talking about Covid or Quran. Is it a virus?
If you believe that Bible and the Quran were not perfectly preserved, then why are you ch…an in the first place?
When the Quran was gathered in the time of Uthman, he formed a commitee in order to do so, and everybody was happy and satisfied of it. This has prevented a lot of problems from happening. So all the hadiths that you’re showing are proof that there was a lot of dialects that were revised by the commitee that was formed at the time of Uthman. This happened couple years after the death of the prophet, and since then the same Quran has been read. this is how the Quran is preserved. I CHALLENGE ANYONE TO FIND TWO VERSIONS OF THE HAFS DIALECT. To be clear: Hafs has been read and memorized for more than 14 centuries. It is the same for all the other dialects. Isn’t it perfectly preserved?
Have you ever seen english hafs, new english hafs, hanafi hafs, hanbali hafs, shii hafs, sunni hafs …? Hafs is Hafs.

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The Qur’an has so many holes in it… I guess that’s why Muslims call it “The Holy Qur’an”.

الحمدلله الذي خلقني مسلمًا عربيًا وليس نصراني اعجمي لا افهم حرف واحد من القران

just a question : why is it a problem that muhammed is a father or not ?

I’m confused. Why are there some many differences in 1 book?

Our father who art muhammad :joy::joy:

Excellent work david. Alot of these fake followers of a fake god are ashamed at their foul activities. Keep it coming.

All of your videos are false hood because of your lack of knowledge and guidance. I can’t reply to all your nonsense videos cuz of how so many they are. Is this good way to clout chase by making videos hating on Islam only? I mean that’s only content u make

How twisted man are you. Wife’s of prophet are called mothers to respect them and to follow them because they were such good examples. Islam honors women and give high rank as you can see .While Prophet Muhammad is already a prophet and Muslims do follow him and take him as role model. But Quran Allah says “Muhammad is not the father of [any] one of your men, but [he is] the Messenger of Allah and last of the prophets. And ever is Allah , of all things, Knowing.” (33:40). Quran never changed there was many copies while compiling it since it was being compiled by many companion of prophet to send non Arab lands so people may learn from it then they all decided to have one same version of it. And that it Usmani version by 3 rd Khalifa Usman(R)

Mohammad (Piss Be Upon Him) : “I am your father.”

A huge hole in the narrative is that a whole batch of hundreds of followers of Mohamad, who had first-hand knowledge of his teachings, had recited every word of his, were killed in a battle. There goes Islam.

Muhammad is also the father of all lies. Just saying… Excellent video, as per usual.

The prophet is CLOSER to the believers than their ownselves (eg. their relations/family) so how can he be our father? :grin: BUT the mothers of the believers are still our mothers. Since one of the wives (eg. Aisha RA) is the daughter of Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA) then she is NOT closer to us than to her own father!
And so on… but Allah SWT is closer to us than our own jugular vein… debunked

i have 3 co-equal question but its only one, because 3 equals 1 - Can any Christian please answer why the Bible has been altered, and how we know that the words of the Bible are actually from a God.

If the Bible is the word of God, can this please be proven. Also, if the word of God is altered in anyway, does that still make it the word of God, or does it make it the word of the editor/publisher? If the word of God is altered, should that source of information be trusted still?

If the Trinity has been debunked by Christian Scholars, does that mean that as a whole the Christian Community should adhere to the debunk of the Trinity, or should more than 1 school of thought be followed. If not, why?

I’m not a Christian or a Muslim to be clear. I don’t like the Christian vs Muslim conflict that drives the production of these videos, but I still find the videos useful sometimes. The later point of how the collective memory doesn’t guarantee the supposed perfect preservation of the Quran is a good point against something that I took for granted. I always thought it was somewhat plausible to have something preserved relatively well if multiple sources had memorized it even if it weren’t written down until later. But, you just brought to my attention that the claim Muslims are making is that the Quran isn’t just well preserved, but perfectly preserved. And that the method of this supposed perfect preservation is the collective or group memorization which is somehow supposed to guarantee that mistakes or tampering couldn’t happen. But, I just realized there’s still room for error at least even with the collective memory idea. I don’t know how I didn’t realize this sooner. That’s a pretty good point. Also, another interesting idea was that it’s more likely that the writing down of the Quran and a significant event such as the burning of the different versions of the Quran were the actual reason for why the Quran stopped having such significant changes such as the exclusion of 200+ verses in a single chapter or this Muhammad as a father to Muslims metaphor. This is something I’ll need to look into more because there’s room for serious skepticism regarding the compilation of the Quran and also the claim that it’s perfectly preserved.

At the time of Abu Bakr the first head of state after Muhammad (pbuh) an authoritative collection of written texts that make up the Qur’an was collected requiring at least two witnesses to its recitation by Muhammad. This collection of written materials was certainly not exhaustive, and many others had made their own copies of parts of the Qur’an with varying reliability. This collection was then written into a number of verified copies at the time of Uthman- which is the Qur’an we know today. The various personal copies that individual people had which were not verified at the time of Uthman were ordered to be burned as I understand it. Not all were and what you claim are different Qur’an passages are unverified claims which have been preserved to some extent in the hadith. Muslims with barely any exceptions universally agree on accepting the standard version that dates back to Uthman and then back to the verified version he relied upon collected by Abu Bakr. The preservation in the hadith of a number rejected claims of things that were in the Qur’an, may seem interesting, but only goes to show how hadith collectors did not self censor but collected all claims, whether they were accepted or not in their meaning. Hadith evidence, generally is far less authenticated than the Qur’an partly because of respect for an instruction of Muhammad to write down the Qur’an rather than other things he was saying. This means the written Hadith collections only came some generations after Muhammad when this rule was relaxed. Arguing from unverified hearsay evidence in hadith that multiple corroborating eye witness accounts backing up contemporary official written records are wrong is what you are trying to do. It only convinces those who don’t know how to weigh evidence - sadly too many people.