Is Rumble WORSE Than YouTube?

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Rumble claims to be the “free speech alternative” to YouTube. However, after using both Rumble and YouTube, I have some concerns.

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There was absolutely no discussion about attempting to reach out and communicate with Rumble.

Dude put your ads at the biggining or the end annoying as F.

The way David says stupid😭

thank you -

Rumble does suck. It’s hosted in Canada, for one, so don’t think Castreau and his oppressive ilk aren’t aware if it. Number two, I’ve seen them randomly wipe videos from channels with whom they didn’t agree. And the app reeks, even more than YT’s!! :grin:

David woogle. You only speak on your youtube channel.

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Exactly the issues. I really dislike Rumble. doesn’t work well… at all. My backup channel is Odysee.

Interesting information about Rumble, which I have started using recently. Regarding the shadow banning, I just tried searching for the videos you mentioned and they popped up immediately, and this was before I followed you.

:raised_hands:Thank you for the details. You answered questions that I had about Rumble.

Never use the Rumble Close the channel for no reason. The Rumble is a big scam. Do not use the Rumble is a thief.

A few of Rumble’s writers appear to be from the tard bin…I have been watching it a while and won’t join.

Rumble is clearly terrible. I highly recommend joining Odysee, and StoryFire is also is ok, :fire:

The problem is most things we watch and listen to are on YouTube not these other platforms. I like odysee the best.

Thanks for the info about Rumble. Praise Yeshua/Jesus, the most admired and feared person in human history!

When you find a platform where you can examine the evidence or lack thereof of gas chambers during WW2, let me know. Because some liars are much more protected than others. Some questions will get you banned everywhere.

I have always thought that someone can make a lot of money making new platforms that actually have good policies and enforce them with clarity and consistency. People are crying out for this. Make it happen, David!

“Free Speech” is a Myth! Mumble is just another Leftist Owned, Demoncrat Influenced site that claims one thing, but only allows content that they approve of.