Is the Quran Good for the 21st Century? (Answering Islam Part 9)

Muhammad delivered the Qur’an to his followers in the 7th Century. But it is good for the 21st Century?

This is the ninth video of our “Answering Islam” series, where David Wood answers the question: “Is the Qur’an good for the 21st Century?”

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Verses qouting out of contex, hiddening all verses regarding peace, forgiveness, humanity, brotherhood etc. What this guy says all nonesence only to misguide empty empty minds. Shame on you for an irresponsible act.
Listeners ought to get Quran’s knowledge from those who follow it not from an extreme enemy of Islam like this guy who misimerprate other book for his own interest.

Thanks for the good work David.
The Quaran is the most corrupt book ever and it definitely has no place on the 21st century.

indeed, worshiping stones is normal, it is necessary to enter the water of sin to be wiped out of the ordinary, it is necessary to ask for forgiveness near the water and the priest is a normal thing. indeed accusing the person of innocence. these are all things that islam corrects.

This fight has many meanings. Fight in court, debate opponents, opponents in sports and others. Are you a reporter or not? If you are right, you should be better at speaking English but fool yourself. understand for yourself.

  1. Al quran surah Al bakarah, Verse 2, this book there is no doubt in it is just a guide to the people of beeiman.0
  2. Islam says, Islam is the best and the others are bad. You have to understand who the verse is for.
    3.Islam is indeed good for the 21st century.
    Logical reason: Aaah … christian is book is earlier. what do you mean. Santa Claus? The thoughts of the boys.
    Alasan yang mendalam: Use the Quran, you need to accept every verse. Islam is suitable for use in every age until the end of time.

Islam in short is
A Death Cult Mafia

Its Hammer time.

Notice that Muslims are the 1st to complain about White supremacy I don’t agree with white supremacy I agree that we are all equal in the eyes of God but Muslims complain so much about White supremacy and about oppression and all of that and don’t even bother to look at themselves and how they are supposed to treat non-Muslims

It was never ever good

Qu’ran is the book of Satan

I’m praying for you David so the Lord will always protect you and guide you and your family. So much I learned from you. Thank you very much. Thank you for your courage. God bless you always

Please don’t try to kill your father with a hammer again, did you know that your bible god did and commanded worse ,you are a true enemy of the bible pretending to be a follower of the bible,have you repented for your attempted murder of your father yet? Please follow Jesus advice and stop slandering people ,jesus said to take the beam out of your eyes before you can see other people fault o ye hypocrite, Christianity is in so much dilemma try to deal with those problems of christianity


ANSWERING ISLAM SERIES. this is a great series of lectures concerning the subject of Islam. It is quick, precise, to the point, easy to understand and very informative.
David Wood does it again. He just gets better and better.

It’s funny when idiots fight each others over who has the best fairytale

Islam is a peaceful religion and if you don’t believe it I’ll kill you :rofl::laughing::joy:
David Wood you are looking great :fist::heart:

Thank you ,

Islam are crazy religion , that love to kill others , it’s just evils

I was a muslim 2 weeks ago. now I am a servant of Jesus Christ.