Is There No One to Defend Muhammad?

“Muhammad Week” continues . . . but where are all the Muslim apologists who should be jumping at the opportunity to defend their prophet? One of life’s great mysteries!


We’re about to go LIVE with Muslim apologist Ehteshaam Gulam at 8:00pm (Eastern Time). Here’s the link: - YouTube

…they are unlearned…

Built up anger inside me hearing David’s sayings…

I might want to curse David Wood…

But Allah has the sovereignty over his wrong doing, meaning to guide him to the right path…

Just to remind David Wood, Allah punishment is what he should thinking of…

Your joking making excuses???

You are not that important haha loser first get educated in your religion

They don’t have guts

they sharpen knives)))

Nigerians need to learn more about the evil of this society called Islam they killed someone ystaday cuz of his remarks on muh’d expose this ppl

I’m what you might call a “muslim”. I’m trying to find a way to contact you to arrange something, but I can’t find your email on the about page. How can I get in touch.

David Wood got destroyed so bad by Mohammad Hijab that now his whole channel is just hatred of Islam. Have you not learnt your lesson? Does Mohammad Hijab need to put you in your place again?

I appreciate for your work defending Islam & Muslim apologists . Please defend Rabbi Tovia Singer too & Jewish Apogists. Much Love​:heart::raised_hands:

U got thrashed by Mohammad hijab :joy::joy::joy:

funny how the biggest fakes religion in the history of humanity Christianity Really has the balls to talk about other religions… Like for God’s sake your entire religion is fake Created by a emperor on his dying bed a Roman emperor Constantine . You didn’t even have a Bible till 200 years after the death of Jesus Christ . The amount of remakes to the remixes your religion has done Is mind boggling . That’s why more of your people are becoming Muslim every day after day I would be threaded if I was you to Your entire religion is crumbling Your youth does not even believe in your religion nor more. You turn Jesus Christ into simple of entertainment and laughter may God Almighty judge you all For the blasphemy that you do on a daily base.

Funny how you still dare to talk after mohammad hijab literaly roasted you

To whom are you gonnna teach. And what.

Muhammed is defended and saved by a spider and by a cat. That is all you can understand why you cant find any person to defend him. Until you are a cat or a spider and get your orders from the right place, you are just a mess and not so fun.

is it just me that kinda wants to see the “soft” David? Worship David and prayer david, it’d be interesting to see how David speaks to God for such inspiration!

I will be there even if i cant defend islam. The only thing i cant find you email not even on google

Where is you skype name