Is YouTube Unsubscribing My Subscribers?

I’ve been getting a lot of complaints from subscribers who say that YouTube keeps unsubscribing them from Acts17Apologetics.

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Subscribed again

I do not recall having been unsubscribed. Neither do I remember having had the problem with other channels

Obligatory comment for engagement credit.

My word… I was unsubscribed… Crazy

It’s been happening to me and the channels I subscribe to and it’s been happening to my subscribers

This also happen to me. Something fishy :rofl:

Yeah I’ve been randomly unsubscribed from channels

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Sahih Bukhari 3:43:648

This is funny. I just looked down and I am unsubscribed.

that’s exactly what it is: the folks at youtube! It’s bogus and is very wrong!


I’ve been unsubscribe from channels that I’ve been subscribed to long time ago or just recently subscribed to. That also includes videos that I have liked that no longer have my like on there anymore.

Don’t ever stop David your an inspiration to me brother✌

I have not been unsubscribed until now

Youtube dont need small youtubers anymore. They have more than enough platform to carry the golds for them… Well thats how i see it. That sucks.

I had 42 subscribe and i lost 9 subscribe, why do they unsubscribe me for no resson .

Sir this really happened in my channel when I got 77 subscribers while starting and it went to 56 sir I don’t know how this is idiotic

Hi Dr Wood…I have been getting pop up messages to confirm certain content from your channel whether it is appropriate or not. I found this strange.