ISIS Suicide Bombing Comes to Germany (David Wood)

Just hours after a Syrian refugee in Germany hacked a woman to death with a machete, another Syrian refugee in Germany blew himself up outside a music festival.

The volatile refugee who introduced multicultural Germany to the culture of suicide bombing had been denied asylum a year earlier, but was still living in Germany and was in no immediate danger of being deported due to the ongoing Syrian Civil War.

Since he had a backpack but no ticket, security fortunately turned him away from the concert. After pacing back and forth on the street, the refugee detonated his bomb, killing himself and injuring fifteen others.

Police soon found a video of the man pledging allegiance to ISIS.

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What is their motive for being so blind? I can understand in the spiritual that they are puppets of the same master, the devil, willingly deceived and following his plan, but is there any other explanation; do they have any other hidden motive?

Blitzkrieg need to be happen guys.

“We don’t know if this man planned on suicide or if he had the intention of killing others.” Do they turn retards into ministers in Germany? Seriously, that has to be one of the dumbest quotes I’ve read in my life. I didn’t think that the regressive left had castrated Germany this bad.

Thank you, David, for revealing the truth.

say, homicide bombers please, thanks

That’s exactly what she should have said.

As always, David Wood is spot on. His dry sense of humor would seem out of place, if it were not for the endless ridiculous reactions be the MSM and politicians that lend themselves so well to the ironic ridicule.

your channel helps islam diffusion instead of fighting it because you make the people who do not know any thing about islam to read it. islam’s reputation after september 11 was bad in your communities but many western people converted to islam because september 11 teach them what is the islam. Thank you for your cooperation. Thank you to help us to teach non moslem our religion

Hmm? What? Another terrorist attack? I wonder if there’ll be another one this evening.

wow – you are really smart

Leaders of EU - I hope you start to understand why all Muslim Arab countries refuse to receive Muslim migrants ?
(In case you did not get it - they do not want troubles in their countries… and they are very happy that naive EU accepts them and gives them homes and EU money…)


My dad enlisted in the Navy to avoid being drafted into the army, or becoming a jar head instead. As a Christian, that’s sort of how I feel. thanks for everything David Wood.

Thanks for your stand against terrorism. Someday we hope you will stand against state terrorism.

As a german christian I honestly don’t understand your rage against Angela Merkel. I watched many previous videos of you and learned a lot from them. But this time…

Don’t forget your goal to win souls.

Refugees are becoming christians all over Germany. Many have enough of islam. Half of my church consists of refugees now.

Did you ever find yourself obeying a command or law not because you want to, but because you know it is just und good? Thats what Angela Merkel had to do with the human rights. We have a law that grants temporary stay in germany if you were persecuted in your own country. I consider this law a very christian law. Jesus also commands us to care for the poor, homeless and forgotten people in this world and to give them shelter.

Its for shure that many come and just exploit this law of ours. And they even harm us.

But what should we do? Kill our enemies? Ignore the needy, homeless, parentless, broken people that come here because their house were bombed? Or because their parents were killed? Or should we just let in the christians? Is that what Jesus taught?

No. Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies and to help the needy as if it was Jesus himself.

I guess - and I want to say this with kind words - you are a little influenced by the hasty militant american way of thinking.

I would appreciate more soul-winning videos :slight_smile:

And just think, if a democrat wins the election, our nation will allow the compassionate act of letting these same people into our own nation.

Europe is in a civil war , but the only ones who realize it are the followers of the “religion of rest in peace”

Stop calling them refugees. They’re not refugees. None of them.