Islam 101: Islamophobia (Robert Spencer)

In this video, Robert Spencer explains the term “Islamophobia.”

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1984 that novel got real … and christianity and western civilisation are the targets

They HAVE to react… in strange ways… hmmm, HAVE to react… i thought people HAVE to watch themselfves not to hurt anyone over words at least… okay. With this “have to react” they undeniebly show their true face.

We sure live in an age of “thought crimes” in the United States. You will lose your job, maybe even your freedom today in America because of thought crimes that a toothless First Amendment no longer protects.

Islamaphobia: A word invented by Islamanoids in order to avoid upsetting Muslims.

Islamanoid: A person suffering from Islamanoia.

Islamanoia: A deep rooted paranoid fear of Islam, often causing the sufferer to take extreme measures in order to avoid upsetting Muslims. Often takes the form of appearing to like Muslims, but in reality is absolutely terrified of them. Prolonged bouts of Islamanoia can lead to the sufferer becoming deluded and actually believing that Islam is ‘The Religion of Peace’ rather than a threat to all humanity.

Rubbish as usual.

the day of judgment will be a rude awakening for many

I use to confuse him with Richard Spencer


Great video Robert!

misoislamism. To despise or loathe the cult of islam. mohamedeanism.

we need a new Vlad The Impaler he stopped the muslims in their tracts

He forgot to end with “I’m Robert Spencer”

Exellently said n intellectual.


Islam demands special rights and privileges in the diaspora or Dar Al Harb nations. This should be a warning to its larger ambitions one their size and political power increase. No Islam in the West!!!

long live the uncut cocks

Mohammed was the corrupt, terrorist founder of Islam. Why should I respect a criminal?

Islam is Hate speech to me.

Question for everyone in the comment section here! If you where to convince someone that islam is evil and a immense danger to the free world but that someone is a total islamophile convince it is the “evil west” that causes terror and that “terrorism has no religion” and all that shit. How would you even start the conversation?