Islam 101: Wasn't Muhammad Peaceful? (Robert Spencer)

In this video, Robert Spencer answers the question: “Wasn’t Muhammad Peaceful?”

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You think by misinterpreting the text you can harm muslims but we muslims research on what you are saying and read whole book and come nearer to Islam.

JESUS said,And indeed ALLAH ia my Lord and your Lord .so worship Him that is the straight path! Allah is enough for believers… Robert Spencer and his followers remember the day of judgement…May Allah guide you to the straight path…

Good job, Dr. Spencer. By the way, your site is blocked in the Russian Federation. Seems to me, sharia slowly but surely criples in Russia.

David did you find Paul Nielsen?

Free masons swear also at the coran, finaly not the bible.
Thats why RK and free mason is forbidden. Thats why my grandfather turned Catholic
in 1946 and I was asked to join masonry 3x but will rather be poor then a mason.

He can actually never harm islam :star_and_crescent: :kaaba: :mosque: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Why didn’t he give a direct answer : No he wasn’t? Is Spencer afraid too?

the Jewish guy here is fooling you…pulling small texts and not posting the whole chapter… dont listen to him but read the whole thing for yourself and you will see he us lying and taking out of context…read the Jewish talmud that is the most evil religion in the world

Still Muhammad was nothing compared to Moses.
Muhammad death toll: about 1,000
Moses death toll: about 30,000

Well you got all the right words in the title, but I think that there is a slight error in their order.

With quotes from the koran verses.
Any non-muslim can tell its a tyrant. An evil.

Making aware of Islam teachings. Set people free for a “Tyrannical god” hungry for blood in order to control people.

Six hadith book are filled with fake stories of Muhammad.tell me who preserved this collection over the last 1200 years!!!

You awesome Robert Spencer.

What a courageous guy this Spencer is!!

Muhammad was number one, a Warlord. He was not a true prophet. He was a false prophet. Islam is an inclusive system of control.

Muhammad needs to be prison fucked. That should calm him down

in islam only one god s dr,that is mohammed,islam is wat mohammad,it’s mohamadien fans association,

Jesus said to love your enemies. Mohammed said to kill your enemies. I don’t know about anybody else but to me it seems to be an easy choice Jesus is the only way to go.

24 muslims watched this video