Islam and Freedom of Speech: LIVE with Hatun Tash (8:00pm ET)

David Wood and Hatun Tash (DCCI Ministries) will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing freedom of speech, evangelism, and criticism of Islam. Hatun was recently forcibly removed from Speakers’ Corner.

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Allah is a mouse!:mouse2: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

LOOOOOOOOOOL :joy: we got Jean Claude van damm and Seth Rogan talking that religious talk :joy:

Islam is darkness and sickness

Isn’t it interesting that flies are rarely seen without faeces

Why isn’t she shouting?

Ex Christian
Muslim Alhamdulillah :heart:
La ilaha il Allah Muhammad ur Rasul Allah🇹🇷

Shalom Aleichem, Baruch Atah Melchizedek Melech Kodesh Yerushalayim,

Well Now Destroying And Rebuilding Back In A European Desire, That Is What The European Nations Has Done And Have Keep Doing Until Nowadays The Day, Right?

Aleichem Shalom, Baruch Atah Adonai Of Avraham Translated Literally, Then, Means Father Of A Multitude And The Master Of Yitzchaq, Meaning He Will Laugh, He Will Rejoice Who Is The Guider Of Ya’aqov’el, Meaning May Yah Protect, Who Is Been Recalled By Him As Ysrael, Right?

And It Is Been Written In The Book Of Isaiah, Which Mean Yeshaʿyahu Yah Is Salvation, That One Shall Say, I Am The Lord’s, And Another Shall Call Himself By The Name Of Jacob, And Another Shall Subscribe With Ones Hand, Unto The Lord, And Surname Oneself By The Name, Of Ysrael!

What Did Take Place In This World Anyway, Those Europeans Did Choose Pastors And Send Them All Around, This Earthbound, Spreading Themselves Make Gospel Of The Coming Of A Certain Christ And Lies Who They Themselves Have Recalled As, Spiritually Insights, And Many Of Those Personalities Or So Said Multitude Did Not Take Them Own Time To Go Study And Read The Scripture Of The Prophets, And The Servants And The Torah, So They Have Been Keep Dwelling, In The Lies Of Those Europeans, Doctrines Right?

I My Self Well Now Thus I Ben Ammi Heart, I Am Not An Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Leader, Teacher, Evangelist Or One Or Another Messiah, But You Can Recalled Me As, A Suckling, Seeker And A Postman, Because I Am Posting This Kind Of Messages, And I Hope Someone Will Noticed And Try To Seek For Themselves, Right?

However, It Is Been Written, Already Said: For The Time Will Come When They Will Not Endure Sound [Healthy] Doctrine, But Having Itching Ears, They Shall Heap To Themselves Teachers In Accordance, With Their Own Lusts.

Be Not Deceived, The Lord Yahweh Is Not Mocked: For Whatsoever A Person Soweth, That Shall That Person, Also Reap.

And Do Not Be Misled, Bad Company Corrupts Good Character. If The People Of This Unbelieving World Will Start To Hate You, You Must Be Able To Bring To Your Own Mind, That They Have Hated The Messiah, Before They Have Started Hated You, Aman!

He Who Have Heard The Teaching Of The Messiah, Have Believed The Lord Yahweh And Still Who Did Not Believe That Teaching Of The Messiah Have Be Blinded By Satan And His Servants, It Is Been Written, And Explained That The Messiah Have Said: Beware Of False Prophets, Which Come To You In Sheep’s Clothing, But Inwardly They Are Ravening Wolves. Ye Shall Know Them, By Their Fruits.

If Them Eyes Are Focused On Money, The Light Cannot Penetrate And Darkness Takes Its Place. How Profound Will Be The Darkness Within Them, If The Light Of Truth Cannot Enter?

Observe They Can’t Worship The True Master While They Be Enslaved To Mammon [Wealth Regarded As, An Evil Influence]!

They Add Misery To Many Lives By Corrupting Their Minds, And Cheating Them Of The Truth. They Equate The Worship Of The Lord Yahweh, With Making Great Sums, Of Money.

They Will Seek Out Teachers With Soothing Words, That Line Up With Their Desires, Saying Just What They Want To Hear!

The funniest thing I’ve ever seen

Cowardly politicians will ultimately provoke a violent response, having no commitment to British mores, or the law. Our legal framework was fine without Human Rights law from the EU.

Im glad this lady that tarnished the name of Christianity is being held as a leader of Christians lol so funny!

There is a big difference between freedom of speech and constantly insulting and antagonizing people! Hatun! All you do is insult and act like a crazy person!!

God bless you our sister and brother in Christ.

You are the most uneducated pair of ever seem. First you want to talk about child sexual abuse look at your God fearing priest. First of all we believe and respect the prophet Isa ( pbuh). You really need to research more carefully if you want to speak so openly about our holy book. You are disgusting and argront.

When are the British going to wake up from their Islamic nightmare and fight back? If you can’t even protect your most vulnerable young women then you are already lost.

Such a low amature class you guys have. You are the ones talking about respect but do not show any respect to our beloved prophet. Bit of a double standard to me. When have we muslims ever put pictures of jesus and disrespected them, never cause we are the people with respect and the haqq.
Such disgusting people you two are and i dont say that all Christians are like that, most of them are very lovely.

Sis hatun may God bless you

Sing to the Lord a new song: praise Him from the ends of the earth, you who travel in the bays of the sea, and let them eat it all. Let the desert and its cities chant, and the inhabited lands of Kedar. Let the people of Sela sing with joy, and let them shout from the tops of the mountains. And let them glorify the Lord, and give him praise in Algeria.
Isaiah 42:10-12 What is meant by the people of Silaa are the residents of Medina, and Kedar means the honored Mecca, and Muhammad came from Mecca until he entered Medina. This means that what is meant in the verse is the Prophet Muhammad, Peace and blessings be upon him, the truth has come and falsehood has perished. Indeed, falsehood has perished