Islam and the Deification of Muhammad

Our Muslim friends tell us that Islam is the religion of submission to Allah alone. But when we open the Qur’an, we find that Islam demands complete submission to Muhammad (Quran 4:65; 33:36). Moreover, Muhammad commanded his followers to address him directly in their prayers (“Peace be upon YOU, O Prophet”), so Muslims around the world, even in our time, speak to Muhammad in their prayers. And this is the religion that condemns other religions for idolatry?

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Obviously Mohammed is allah and allah is Mohammed. But low IQ Muslims don’t get it.

ALLAH: Allah is the proper name of the One True God, creator and sustainer of the universe, who does not have a partner or associate, and He did not beget nor was He begotten. The word Allah is used by the Arab Christians and Jews for The God (Eloh-im in Hebrew; ‘Allaha’ in Aramaic, the mother tongue of Jesus, pbuh). The word Allah does not have a plural or gender.

Assalaamu Allaikum Wah Rahmatullahi Barakathuhu
Peace and Blessings of Mighty one and only creator who created us all and all seen and unseen

Prayer is Pillar Strongest after the montheism(Oneness of ALLAH SUBAHANATALA’H) in ISLAM
(This was commandment directly given to the Prophet SAL during Mihraj)

It is the Only mode of Daily Communication with our Creator as No other worship is so powerful or comparable to Daily Prayers

The difference between a Beleiver and Non Beleiver of One God is the Prayers…Daily Prayers

It takes us only 15 Mts Maximum to perform all 5 Prayers much less time than we take to have a shower or eat a single meal.

ALLAH SUBAHANATALA’H has blessed you all …Prayer is the Connection to keep communicating with your Creator.

Imagine that you are without any form communication and cut off from the world(No Mobile,Internet,TV,Land Phone,Email…Etc)…DO NOT LOSE TOUCH WITH YOUR CREATOR

Barakallahu Feekum

Two nuts spreading hatred,trying to prove 1.5 Billion followers are dumb fools

Very informative video. Appreciated.

Mohammed asked for your forgiveness? Who is asking for his forgiveness? Child molester!!!

Alhamdulillah, God chose me to be muslim and caused me to leave Christianity…

By ascribing mythical attributes to muhamed, allah is deified thus becoming a god. Not under the subjection of the law of Any Land.
Here lies the the deception of Islam :smiling_imp:

Why are these people so concerned about Islam,trying to insult Islam.what is their problem ?

David, again, you are one of the most articulate and intelligent apologists regarding Islam in the world. God bless, your brother in Christ. Or as Sam would say “a brother from another mother.”

Muhammad is in hell, is the false prophet of Revelation. Lets pray to our God of love, mercy and justice that He have mercy on the muslin people and take the darkness that the devil put on their world.

whoever this nobody is, in this video should know. all you are claiming is that your interpretation of a verse is more accurate, than the actual verse itself. truly this is the manifestation of idiocy & unworthy of any debate. you are making videos hoping your audience is either just angry @ islam for any any reason or just as illogical as you. are you delirious? reality is a grand place you should join it sometime!

Qur’an 61-8
They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.

May God Almighty destroy the works of those that spread lies.

Christian Crapaganda

what I don’t understand is why the Koran was reveled the way it was so that it ends up a truncated mess with verses coming down here there and everywhere so that one surah may have been reveled at different times and places even parts of verses. Would an all knowing God put such a mess together and called it a perfect book. When you read the bible from beginning to end you find an amazing continuity that is completely absent from the Koran. This is why Christians and Jews had to be subjugated so harshly so that if they pointed out any of the obvious inconsistencies they could be killed. It is the only way to protect this obvious inferior book. If you question it, we kill you and torture you. It’s like the book of Mormon, how on earth could someone with a PHD take the book of Mormon seriously, and yet they do. The Koran and Islam has lasted as long as it has through sheer terror imposed on all non-Muslims living in Muslim majority countries. It is the only explanation for how this obvious fraud has been able to survive as long as it has. That and the death penalty for leaving Islam. As soon as Muhammad died lots of people who had followed Muhammad out of fear or for war booty immediately left Islam and had to be forced to remain Muslims.

You can’t submit to God fully if you don’t submit to the Prophets first. This just shows that sometimes intercession is needed on our behalf… We believe that the Prophet and other righteous saints are alive with in their grave.

And say not of those who are martyred in the way of Allah, “they are dead”, nay, they are living, though you perceive it not" (Surah al-Baqarah, 154).

I would like to say These two have a discussion with the likes of Hamza Yusuf and Hakim Murad. I feel their would be great benefit to such a discussion

And in all that I have said to you, be circumspect and make no mention of the name of other gods, nor let it be heard from your mouth. Exodus 23:13.