Islam and the Trinity (David Wood and Anthony Rogers LIVE)

David Wood and Anthony Rogers will be discussing Islam and the Trinity LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time). Everyone is welcome to join the discussion.

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Jesus cant be god, because jesus was killed in the christian story. A god cant be killed by humans.

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Muslims, thoroughly disreputable people for whom LYING is THE NORM while for Christians lying is from the jinn in the pit of hell

Really distracting to have David staring off into the ether (looking completely detached and disinterested) while Anthony’s talking. BUT…usually love you guys!

The Trinity is not a new term. It was there from the beginning just that the old age did not give it a clear name. In (Gen. 1:1&2. We have God the father, God the Word and God the Spirit). In(Exodus 3:14. 14:24. 3:5 going. Here we have God the I AM, God the Spirit and God the Word) in the New Testament. We see it clearly explained by Jesus himself. In (John 14:9 & John 10:30 anyone who has seen me has seen the father. I and the father are one. So you see it clear that we have God the Father and God the Son. In which both has the same purpose and function). In (John 14:17. The Spirit of Truth). In all we have God The Father, God The Son and God The Spirit. In Islamic explanation, we still have Jesus as the Word and the Spirit(Surah 4:171) as in Genesis and Exodus show the picture

Mr.David. I hear Mr. Zakir Naik always say “show me in the Bible where Jesus said I am the Lord worship me” and he(Zakir Naik) will leave Islam. I will like you to show him these two scriptures. (John12:26 & John 13:13). Let’s see if he will be a man to his words.

The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit is ONE! ELOHIM SAID THAT IS NOT ONE BESIDES HIM NO ONE EQUAL TO HIM. Jesus said when you see the Me you see the Father… God bless.

@acts17apologetics when is the Mr Potato God video coming out​:thinking::rofl:

I’m so sorry, gentlemen, but what you say about “Elokim”, is not so obvious. Despite the fact that I do not support Islam, you are not high specialists. I rather believe Jewish rabbi, that believe in Yeshua and aside from Hebrew knows Greek and can read Septuagint. He says that “Elokim” is a form of a singular, altho rare one.

@131 good point Victor. their sources are all copied from Orthodox Christians. if they directly copied what we believe there won’t be a difference. So they had to twist Christians teaching… its obvious!!

Forbidding music Its not islamic influence as matter fact its Christians influenced. been preached by the early Church and its biblical as well.

Mohammed Hijab said “for fourrrrrrrrrr thousand years the jews worshiped just one god”. But Quran 9:30 says Jews worshiped their rabbis and a man called Ezra. I wonder who was lying there. Mohammed Hijab or Muhammad? xD

David. Next time should you have a debate, and even if they dont demand certain rules, simply prepare for in case they do break their own rules.

If they suddenly change the topic, ok, you also change it. If they complain, you say on stage that they broke their own rules. Bring up evidence. If they even give themselves more time at the end, once they are done, take the mic, tell them they took extra more time, you just demand fairness. If they refuse, ok.

Which ever way this goes, my aim would be to publicly expose them… on stage.

Most of the muslim audience will give 0 f*ck about you being mistreated by your opponent. But there will be the 1% of them who actually see the deception and disguting behavior of their own islamic scholars. Its for those muslims we do that. And its for those muslims we need to make it as obvious as possible, so its easier for them to be convinced that islam is false.

The LORD left signs of The Trinity all round us Time, Space & Matter Trinity, none come to existence without each other. Time has Past, present, future Trinity. Space has length, width, height Trinity. Matter has Solid Liquid Gas Trinity. Genesis 1:1 in the beginning (Time) God created the heavens(Space) and the Earth(Matter). Trinity of Trinity. By Kent Hovind seminars​. GOD is Amazing we worship the true GOD.

You guys just one big hero just on here for benefits lol

Very good David and Anthony keep speaking the truth. I know Muslims have a hard time with it may God be gracious to them to open their eyes.

Brothers please speak about
Melchizedek and how to refute this objection. I’ve studied this topic and it is believed that Melchizedek was God on Earth.

@David Wood or Acts17Apologetics…In your debate titled “DEBATE: Trinity or Tawhid? (David Wood vs. Mohammed Hijab)” on your channel on Youtube, you quoted Benjamin D. Sommer of the Jewish Theological Seminary as saying that the Jews of ancient times believed that God had more than one person in the God-head. Which work of Benjamin D. Sommer were you quoting? Please to let me know, thanks.

so it seems like my discussion on the topic or morality and ethic has been banned. who ban it actually?