Islam, Child Marriage, and the Washington Post (David Wood)

The Washington Post recently posted an article titled: “Six-Year-Old Afghan Girl Reportedly Sold in Marriage.” The article claims that child marriage is an Afghan tribal practice that violates the teachings of Islam. Apparently, writers at the Washington Post have never studied Islam. In Islam’s most trusted sources on the life of Muhammad, we read:

Sahih Muslim 3480—It was narrated that Aishah said: “The Prophet married me when I was six years old, and consummated the marriage with me when I was nine years old.”

Sahih Muslim 3482—It was narrated from Aishah that: “The Messenger of Allah married her when she was six years old and consummated the marriage with her when she was nine years old, and he died when she was eighteen years old.”

Here’s a link to the Washington Post article:

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A little girl 8 in Yemen was sold by her father, to someone in his 30’s. People had to hold her down so the marriage could be consummated even though the girl had not started menstruating. The girl had to go to the hospital because of her horrific injuries. The man took her back and she helped around the house, but the woman of the house treated her so poorly that somehow she was able to escape one day and go to the court house and ask the judge for a divorce, he was shocked this tiny young girl bravely standing up for herself. It caused a media frenzy and money :moneybag: poured in from many organizations.

It’s no wonder western elites with their pedo rings don’t object to Sharia law.

They are following the prophet!

If God making a 15 year old pregnant to birth a messiah is not child abuse, then yall have double standards at best.

Child rape and exploitation is so foul and disgusting and heartbrakingly tragic. Sadly millions of innocent children suffer from this crime. But for a religion to condone this is beyond tragic.

Anyone noticed that Muhammad died when she was at the legal age of consent? :joy::joy:

the nineteenth century, the minimum age of consent for sexual intercourse in most American states was 10 years. In Delaware it was only 7 years

Islam is darkness and sickness

You don’t know what your talking about. That hadith about Aisha getting married at age 9 is highly disputed.

Islam is the first and only religion to put limits on marriage. The bible gave no guidance on the issue. Experts agree that the virgin Mary was most likely 12-14. However since the bible didn’t give any guidance Europeans would marry 1 year olds in arraged marriages. They also allowed children of all ages to get married. What type of person would marry a 5 year old? A Christian. It would never be allowed in Islam. Marriage is permissable at age 9 but you can’t consumate a marriage before puberty and mental maturity.

My mother-in-law is an Orthodox Christian. She was married at age 8. That’s not allowed in Islam. She had a daughter who also married at age 8 too. That was that long ago either. It was like 1995. The same is true for Hindus.

So how can you bash Islam? Islam should be looked to as an example because it established laws that never existed before.

In Christianity you can have as many wives as you want. Not just the kings and their harems but even Jesus taught a parable on the 10 brides. That’s not allowed in Islam. It is recommended to only have 1 but up to 4 is permissable. That’s the limit though. Amd their are rules about how you must treat them. And before you start bashing polygamy let me ask you this.

Imagine you are in a 3rd world county and your married and your friend is married with kids. In those cultures the men work and the women watch the kids. Like in America before feminism. If your friend dies his wife and children might go hungry. They might be harrassed by other men. Someone might try to take advantage of them. As a friend, if you had the financial means wouldn’t you want to help by marrying her? It’s about sex and orgies. People who think like that don’t know Islam. The women would stay living in her house and you in yours. You would just need to visit to take care of the kids by raising them and showing her love and fulfilling other husbandly duties. That’s why it’s permissable to have more than one wife but it isn’t encouraged and very few people can afford more than one wife. I only know a few people in a polygamous marriage. However that’s their right.

_ The woman was burned with fire: “And if the daughter of a priest was defiled by fornication, then she defiled her father. With fire she is burned” [Leviticus 21: 9]

Punishments for women on the pages of the Bible:
_ Cut off the woman’s hand: "If two men quarreled man and his brother and one of them made a woman to get rid of her husband from the hand of smiteth and reached out and grabbed her hand Baourth Vaqta not sparing your ey

The Green Party in the UK love ISLAM.

The Liberal party in the UK love ISLAM.

The Labour Party in the UK love ISLAM

Pedos even working in the Washington post

100 BC Roman law 12 years old

350 AD ST Augustine married a 10 years old

1396 King Richard II married a 7 year old

1791 Frances Napoleonic code meant you could marry at 11 years old

1880 USA you could marry at 7 years old

Before 1929 the church of england allowed marriage of 12 year olds.

The contnuing tragedy of the evil of Mohammed’s pedophilic marriage to a 6 year old lives in the miserable fates of millions of child brides over the centuries and alive today. It is a major contributor to illiteracy and poverty in modern Muslim-majority lands, including Turkey, not to mention the early deaths of child-mothers and their babies. Islam is a cult of enslavement and brutality on multiple levels. Even where the official legal age is 16, many of the marriages of the underage girls are conducted in the dead of night, with their ages falsified, or the religious marriages not registered until the girl is older. Islam’s marriage sharia is unvarnished institutionalized rape of children.

Hi David, you need to remake this and respond to Lesley Hazleton’s video about Aisha

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