Islam Critiqued SMASHES the Myth of Perfect Quran Preservation!

Colin from Islam Critiqued is at it again, going through the history of the Quran and showing that it was changed over, and over, and over again. Why do Muslim scholars keep telling Muslims that the Quran has been perfectly preserved? We can only conclude that these scholars are complete liars.

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With David Wood preparing to delete his channel, can this video be uploaded to Islamic Critic? I have it saved in a playlist for sourcing.

Satan religion!

I think the reverb is to make it sound like it’s being recited in a lrage mosque

All you prove is corruption in ranks which is human and has happened to all nations since the dawn of man. You failed to prove that Islam is a false religion, only kept trying to say that the Quran is not preserved which makes it easier for someone pike me to just say that i dont think the talk of jihad is Godsend maybe Abu bakr or added that later on, again proving human corruption and nothing on Islam itself

Brilliant work Colin👏🏻

Thanks for this

Isnt it funny that they go after Islam but no other religion cause they know the fastest growing faith and threat to there own existence is the quraan and Islam

"Which religion is at the center of most of the civil wars in the world today? Which religion is at the center of most of the terrorism in the world today? Which religion is murdering young girls for learning to read in Afghanistan and Nigeria? Which religion is anti-civilization because it promotes rule by riots, mobs, and lynching parties? Which religion has devout members with worse virtues and morals than pirates and criminals? You get one guess.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

Someone should have got him an iPad for Christmas!!!

Shame on you. Be sure that you can not hide sun by your fingers. Islam is as clear as :sun_with_face: and you are a group of ignorants.


There is a few variation of Iliad and the Odyssey, but there are still relatively close. Another thing that is more reliable than the Quran is the story of Gilgamesh which is thousands of years older.

Brilliant, I have been following this historically more accurate account since 2014! Hatun Tash has through her contacts discovered 37 different Qurans with well over 93,000 differences between the texts! Hafs is also not in the Quraishi dialect which as you know didnt exist in the 7th Century at the alleged time of Uthman!

Doesnt this prove quite how gullible muslims are…have to be lol!!!

Perfectly all sexual manual​:laughing::laughing::laughing:

But the main order never changed.i think it without this world you were nothing .so who made this world.this is the great Allah

Why Muhamad ordered “Zeid bin Thabit” to learn Syriac?! Because according to “Sirat ibn Hisham” Muhamad said: " He used to receive books in Syriac that he doesn’t t want any one to read them " which contain the stories of the ancients - source Quran

“Quran” ins not Arabic word but rather it is from “Qiryana” = Aramaic/Syriac language