Islam: The World's Fastest-Growing Religion (David Wood)

If you get into a discussion with a Muslim, you’re bound to hear the claim that Islam must be true because Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion. But can we really conclude that a religion is true based on rapid growth? In this video, David Wood cites a Pew Research study to show that the reasons Islam is rapidly expanding have little to do with its being true (in fact, just the opposite). For the studies cited in this video, click the following links:

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Open Wikipedia to see the biggest country of crime vs women is in Europe
Under 18 can’t married but can do sex lol
And at least Islam give best family system this why we have best family relationship
Not Europe or USA where women still doing sex without married or get children

David you are lying the christian priests and intellectuals reverts to Islam. You are believing a human to be your god. Always you are a looser in front of Mohamed Hijab.

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This is another BS of you. You are saying you know the details of every Muslim family of 1.5. billion people. You are saying all muslim women dont work and all kids wanna run away. Where did you get all of this?

No muslim would say that :joy::joy::joy: islam is not true my friend good try doe

7:00 So Muslim apostates flee Muslim countries to avoid being killed by muslims then immigrate to western countries and still identify as muslims and that’s why Islam is spreading in the west? Islam is spreading in the west because people who apostate from Islam travel to the west. That definitely makes sense rotten wood​:rofl::rofl::rofl:.

it’s not actually that absurd if one thinks about it a bit deeper actually. not saying it’s correct but let me give the devils advocate interpretation of this arguement. really steelman it.

people convert to and apostatise from different religions all the time. Therefore just because someone is convinced to convert doesn’t necessarily make the religion true, they could have been tricked or lied to. However, birthrate is an objective measurement. You cannot really trick nature into giving you a greater fertility rate. Nor can you trick it into a victory on the battlefield. in these arenas the only things that matter are how your behaviors interact with the material factors present to yield their respective outcomes. In that sense a faith correlated with superior fertility rates and more and greater victories can be better said to be better correlated with the truths that reality operates on. in this sense both fertility rates and military victories could even be considered blessings from God on the true faith, or at least one closer to the truth. we could scientifically test the fertility rates by examining the rates of infertility among women of different faiths, and also before and after data of those who convert. if women were having trouble conceiving before joining a faith suddenly are able to have children after joining it, that would indicate there may be something supernatural in play. Regarding military victories, the only testable prediction that could be made is that one side would gain greater victories with fewer battles, such as seems to me to be the case with the Crusades and Reconquista of Spain.

I wholeheartedly believe that Christianity is better poised to lead to higher birthrates and greater military victories as has been demonstrated throughout history until the onset of modernity, which has made women cease to want to be mothers and men cease to want to be warriors. but as it stands, Christendom is at a weak point, vulnerable to attack and outbreeding. we are failing at the very first commandment God gave man in scripture: be fruitful and multiply. and those we are having we are inculcating with cowardice and unwillingness to fight for what must be defended and acquired if we are going to keep our society and families safe and make Christ truly King of all. Conversion by the word is all well and good, and indeed needed, but we must be able to grow both in raw numbers and by percentage of the globe, which will likely require a good few more crusades, hopefully better behaved than the previous, if we are to help bring the world under Christ. We can’t expect Him to do all the work. He had the servants fill the water basins to the very brim before He turned it to wine, after all. Let us hope to conquer as many as possible with words and use the sword as little as would be needed, but be ready to when it is. Those who would have peace, be ye prepared for war.

Viva Christo Rey. Christus Vincit. Christus Regnat. Christus Imperat. Deus Vult.

Other reason the Muslim have big family spically in midel East as Midelester I have 18 brother and sis we can make our own foot ball match​:joy_cat::joy_cat::rose:

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its all about truth seeking and sincerity at the end of the day.

Fastest growing religion because of sex

I Love Islam and Allah is almighty and prophet Muhammad is greatest person all the time :heart: Islam is the real religion and fastest growing religion on earth Billions of non muslims reverted/convered to Islam cause Islam is the truth there is no God except Allah and prophet Muhammad is final messanger of Allah Almighty :star_and_crescent:
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I love Allah, Islam, and Prophet Mohamad and love :heart: Jesus (The messenger of Allah). I love :heart: islam more than my life, children, parents and wife. Because islam teaches me to love my family more and more.

Well done and greatly explained

Don’t you think islams is the fastest growing religion just by their children ?,no brother thats Not the main topic,you have to see Dr Zakir naik video then May the truth guide you my brother.

The reason why Islam is the fastest growing religion
when Allah help and victory have come and you see people flocking to Allah religion, then glorify the name of your Lord and ask forgiveness from Him, indeed he is the recipient of repentance [Qur’an Surah An-Nasr 110 Verse 1- 3] truth will always win and lies will disappeared. Islam is currently the only religion with the fastest growth, not because we are growing Muslims, but because many people are converting to Islam

Ahmediya is the fastest growing sect of islam and 99 percent muslim consider them as infidel