Islamic Terror vs. Black Hebrew Israelite Terror (David Wood & Vocab Malone)

David Wood and Vocab Malone will be comparing recent terrorist violence by jihadis and Hebrew Israelites. Join the discussion!

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I’m confused is the kingdom only for a group of hateful individuals

Catholic church have so many pedophiles many you should look Into them Vocab. Maybe you can solve the century old mystery.

First off No one walking this earth has skin the colour black maybe dark Sienna but not BLACK, And neither is there anyone with skin the same colour as milk, Caucasians are RED. So you call us black but we are brown and you call yourselves white but your really red. This is what Caucasians learn in school, To classify all dark people as BLACK Is like saying they are all related, no a Ethiopian is not the same as Kenyan. They are both classed as BLACK but they are from two completely different nations, Leave out the Black your making yourselves look prejudice lmao. HEBREW ISREALITES NOT BLAC AND YOUR NOT WHITE HELLBOY.

BHI thugs promised to rape me in front of my husband and son then make me watch them murder my family and enslave me, in a crowd at a bus stop in Hollywood.

Truth got the people Prang they know the Real Israelites found the truth! Christ the Israelite of Israelites.

Vocab can’t you afford anti glare glasses

Hebrew Israelites Warning does not play well with others ! !:skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

Are these related to the yahawashi crazies?

hate porn vocab ? David the flunky

I saw a video about a year ago about the Hebrew Israelites. They have always been under the watchful eye of the FBI. Apparently a couple and their child was trying to leave the Hebrew Israelite movement and they were killed by their own just because they wanted to go back to Christianity. I wish I could find that video again but I can’t.

Kkk is one talk.about them

Nocap Malone baloney… clown look like Kim Jung Il… with less hair.

Pinkies are DEVILS, who hve been killing 100s of millions of black, brown and yellow people all over the world for CENTURIES, even 100s of miillion among themselves iin WW1 and WW2.
And they continue to THIS DAY in Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Libya, Somalia, Venezuela etc

Of course you love the DARK KNIGHT!!

Peace be upon me!

Let’s be serious white people have a history of domestic terrorism dating back 500 years

May God bless you oo my eternal brothers

All are threat ,but at least black Hebrew don’t bomb us, they kip yelln

This comment section is truly heartbreaking! Satan is working overtime to draw people away from Christ. Christ looks at our hearts and not the color of our skin. Time is short, witness to all who you meet! Jesus Christ is Lord and He will forgive all your sins and give you a new heart! God Bless! :heart::latin_cross::pray:t2: