Islamicize Me Day 7: Poison Control

On Day 7, the Halal Heroes search for Muhammad’s advice on how to protect themselves from poison!

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Sorry for the delay. This was actually the sample version that I sent to some friends for feedback. When I tried to upload the updated version, I kept getting a notice from YouTube saying that my network connection isn’t allowing uploads. I tried a different network; still no luck. So, I guess I’m sticking with the sample version today!

This beyond comedy edging towards being sadistic. You guys are such trolls

Had a friend whose wife tried to poison him. If only he had Muhammad.

Guess Muhammad forgot to take his Ajwa dates before he got poisoned by eating the lamb of the Jewess.
God bless you, I love this

I don’t think they are alive

This series is so much fun to watch! Jihadi humour :slight_smile:

Just as the prophet Elijah, mock the false prophets lol

The immediate cut scene of the ambulance had me dying

7 dates? No wonder why Mohammed had so many wives.

Muhammad’s genius truly knows no bounds!

THIS IS COMEDY / SATIRE !! (edit title)

This is horror movie harrowing…:grimacing::flushed::astonished:


I hope the editing in these videos just makes these scenes of drinking the works and dead animal water look real…

" 3 passitos"

Bro you literally proved momo is false profit in just a min :ok_hand::joy::joy:

I watched this originally and never laughed so hard since watching the 3 Stooges as a kid…need I say more? Lol just awsome work Moe Larry and Curly would be proud of your genius!

This video is really too funny. I love the chewing scenes.

I wonder why of the series of islamicise me appears on my channel ? Congratulations dear brother David Wood and team, God bless always