Islam's 99-1 Rule

Since its founding in AD 610, Islam has relied on a simple rule, which I call “Islam’s 99-1 Rule.” It may be stated as follows: “If, out of every 100 listeners, 99 mindlessly accept what is said, and only 1 questions what is said, the 99 can silence the 1 through pressure, ridicule, intimidation, abuse, or violence.” In this video, I discuss Zakir Naik’s use of the rule, along with Muhammad’s use of the rule.

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I’ll be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time) discussing Islam’s 99-1 Rule. Here’s the link: - YouTube

Thank God for David Wood

Thus man makes it soooo easy denouncing the Biblical Parody called “ISLAM”… thank you sir… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::muscle:t4:

İslam is really well but evil designed who wants to rule people easiely, just obeying the rulers don’t questining.
I don’t know when its really started but I am sure that Abbasids should do this. Because in Umayyad era and firs era of Muhammad and the caliphs are İslam is not spread like massively. Back in the day in the Umayyad era there is a term for Muslims who not Arabs is Mawali. They are pay more taxes and second class citizens among the Arab Muslims. After civil war of Umayyad and Hashimids, Hashimids win and establish the Abbasids Caliphate. And term of Mawali and its mentality dissepeared. And İslam was massively spread that moment. Before that not. My theory is Muhammad is a kind of God like King and unite all Arabs. Maybe its a civil war between Amr bin Hişam and Kasım Bin Abdullah then Amr lose the war and Kasım became Muhammad earned that title.
Because they don’t force Jews, Christians to became Muslims and some verses are said you have own book go with that book not Quran. Its really confused me a lot.
Maybe when they were united all Arabs a hunderd of years transformed emperial desires.
We never know what actually happend but there is one thing we know and that is İslam is dangerious for human kind.
Thanks to video sir.

99-1 rule is david had 99 wives but fall in love with soldiers wife and than sent that soldiers on war to be killed to mary that widow. XD playboy david according to christians XD

hahahahaha how come a person who believes in the sword be a comforter?

99-1 rule…Well xplained Mr. D.Wood…TQvm.

Islam is the the Watchtower Organization aka Jehovah’s witnesses. Same tactics

Islam is Satanic! Period. Thanks David and God bless.

This is interesting. It describes how fanatics have always used deception and force to impose their will on others. I have an atheist friend who has been trying to turn me away from my faith and against God for years. Lately, he has been trying to use arguments that I believe he got from atheists on the Internet. Their argument is that we don’t know what we think we know because we can’t prove that Jesus existed and that Christians wrote the New Testament. This argument might work on someone of lesser intelligence and knowledge than myself, but I’ve been a historian for 50 years. I understand the concepts of the victors write the histories, but the losers also write and we can learn from them. The argument that I can’t prove what I know is reflected right back at the atheist who lives in greater ignorance than myself. The way manipulators behave is to not let you respond to their declarations of lies with the truth. This same metros is how leftists have manipulated people throughout history. This works the same way with liberal Democrats who believe the world is going to end unless we give power to Democrat politicians who use that power to steal our prosperity. By these deceptions and threats, leftists have a way they can live inside their limited bodies during their temporary lives and declare they know everything when they know nothing. They never admit that their entire belief is based on hating and rejecting God for putting them here rather than loving Him and others. They refuse to learn. Don’t ever let someone who is ignorant and faithless tell you you don’t know Jesus.

99-1 even in my childhood in school that was that case with the big Islam minority here in my hometown Berlin, Germany. Spitting at us, silencing us

Imagine that, an Indian scamming and lying to people. Never thought it would be true.

Its not just this. Its the fact that they will pick a few verses out of the Bible to prove their point or come up with something thats not even there, meanwhile throw away the rest of the book and what it teaches and call it corrupt, not inspired or whatever. Its ridiculous.

Political Leftists also use the 99-1 rule. Their idiotology is founded upon, 1) an integrity vacuum; 2) the authoritarianism of their father, the Devil; 3) violence, of the mob; and 4) it’s been used from its beginning in the Garden. Leftists and muslims worship the same god (until they repent). It’s no surprise that they would use the same tactics.

Damn, this sounds like the Democratic Party. And it is true. It explains the insanity of Twitter as well.

if they question them they’ll shame them, then if they are not experts in Arabic, they shouldn’t doubt them or question them

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen

Jesus the Christ loves you all.

the quran is very clear. I don’t think you think you understand it, because the surah you quoted was true, but you didnt understand the meaning. Muhammed (PHUB) didnt preach his daily routine, he preached the quran. please make that clear