Islam's Secret Santa

According to Muhammad, Allah would destroy us for not sinning. Hence, we’re only alive right now because we sin. Why do we sin? Because Satan tempts us. Therefore, Satan saved us from Allah’s destruction.

And so allahuakbarism is a complete mess opening doors for legions of demons to oppress and carry people into crime and utter lawlessness.

Even more definitive proof that Islam is Satan‘s fanfiction for if he was God. The Lord Jesus bless you and keep you, David.

Pretty warped

Muhammad sinned like as though it was a Sport…:rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: 7:18

Allah turns out to be a misleader :rofl:

He’s a watchful protector.
A silent guardian.

A Dark Knight.

Islam keeps getting funnier

You look smart and lean❤️

:person_facepalming: their theology doesn’t make sense! It’s so satanic!

You so handsome back then. Feliz NaviDavid.

Muslim it’s not David Woods you are fighting with it is Gods Word. For Gods word Is Jesus and Jesus is The WORD of God…not just a prophet but the most Hi God…
We love you and want you to turn from your ways…

The Quran is so illogical. I’m amazed any Muslim comprehends it.

I dont know why but this version of David Wood was savage

David keep on sharing these old videos.
Great video!

Hey David :wave:… Allah is Demiurge !

DW 9 years ago - “Mo was helpless, powerless, feeble, useless…”
DW now - “Mo was a 7th century caravan robber, child molester, obvious false prophet…”

Man i love your style Brother David Wood!

The hero we deserved but the not the one we need right now.