Israel Trip: Day 3! (Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, City of David, Temple Wall)

Here’s some footage from day 3 of our trip to Israel. After driving from Galilee to Jerusalem, we visited the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, the excavation of the City of David, and the western and southern sides of the Temple Wall.

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Dr Wood, you should do a tour, I will definitely join in, you’ll be fantastic. God bless you. Greatings from Australia :new_zealand::new_zealand:

Israel isn’t the place to visit if you love bacon.

I can not explain how I feel watching your videos David, Amazing!!! Wonder what would it be to see Jesus and listen to His preaching there. Sad How Mosques dominate The Holy and significant Place to Christians. :sleepy:

10:22 :joy::joy::joy:

Best buffet I ever saw over there…food is five times more expensive over there- go with a tour…


I love these videos. Great narrating.

13:07 I wish Hebrews had preserved their old alphabet which is visible in this seal.

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Hey David, what’s your favourite book of the Bible? What version do you mainly read? How many times have you read the Bible all the way through? Very interested in your opinion! Cheers.

Thank you David (and Marie, and your boys)
This is an amazing experience even for me and those like me who may never get to go to Israel - at least not in this lifetime.
The buffet breakfast is .out of this world, so to speak, dleighfuly in appearance and no doubt in taste and nutrition.
The suckers from the olive trees don’t always need roots attached, but a ‘heel’ helps. I have two little trees growwing from suckers I justy broke off my olive trees (3) and put them in pots a few years ago, they are thriving quite well.

Al Jazeera is a media jihad

Watering mouth :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s Palestine
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The Dome of the Rock IS NOT this site of Israel’s ancient temples, rather, they were located in a different nearby area called The City of David. See numerous youtube videos proving this.

Israel is so beautiful

i wish the crusades were successful in liberating the holy lands and driving back the saracens (calling themselves palestinians today) back to the deserts of arabia from where they came . sadly european noblety (politicians today) have always been retards