Israel Trip: Day 4! (Jerusalem, Israel Museum, Yad Vashem, Western Wall)

Here’s some footage from day 4 of our trip to Israel. We started the day by visiting the Israel Museum, where there was a massive model of first-century Jerusalem. After discussing some of the features of first-century Jerusalem, we headed to Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust museum and memorial. Then we spent some time at Machane Yehuda (a market area), before driving to the Western Wall, where a variety of Jews had gathered to sing, dance, pray, and weep. Once we left the Western Wall, we had a Sabbath meal with a Jewish family (though I didn’t record it).

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I am so proud to be muslim :heart::heart::heartbeat::sparkling_heart::rose:

I can not explain how I feel watching your videos David, Amazing!!! Wonder what would it be to see Jesus and listen to His preaching there. Sad How Mosques dominate The Holy and significant Place to Christians. :sleepy:

Jesus said don’t pray in public.
Muslims: Get the largest speaker so the entire city can hear them pray…

Who let David the filthbag enter the holy land ??? He must be BAN in the holy land for all the blasphemy he did towards God (Allah)

they r romans greeks polish etc


David know A LOT about the history of Israel WOW great job!

I would like to go to Israel. But my evil country would allow it


Titus 1:14

I am sure YouTube is blocking some of your videos from getting out. Your content is too good to go viral from time to time.

Just a note. The Jews don’t believe in Jesus and don’t like him just like the muslims.


The supposed model of ancient Jerusalem is just some fantasy invented in the minds of zionist hollywood fans, I am sure it bears no resemblance to jerusalem’s ancient past. Also there is more evidence that the Temple of Solomon was located in the City of David - you will find a variety of youtube videos demonstrating this.

Your wife looks so sad after Yad Vashem. When I was there in 2019 I left with the same look and a migraine headache. It was an overwhelming experience…


I do not think the model is correct. The Temple is in the City of David on the other hill. The current Temple is the remains of the Roman Garrison. Jews were banished from Jerusalem for a thousand years. When they returned no one would be able to locate any Jewish locations without digging.

Oscar and Emily Schindler plant this tree by themselves in 1962, only 30 years later he recognized as Raithus Among Nations.

Thank you for this video, David. G-d bless you.