Israel Trip: Day 5! (Bethlehem, Shepherds' Field, Dead Sea)

Here’s some footage from day 5 of our trip to Israel. I didn’t record most of the day, since we spent the morning and afternoon meeting with various people (an Arab Christian pastor in Bethlehem, a cultural Muslim Palestinian, and a Christian Palestinian). But I got some footage of a cave and of me floating in the Dead Sea. Check it out!

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Da wood. That’s how you say David in Aramaic.

David Wood my name is Shomer , if you are in California in the month of March 2022. I need you as a witness. I will explain, when you reach out to me.

I saw bubbles in the water scene

The cave part made me laugh.

Lolol oh it feels good to laugh! I can’t believe he went in that cave, he’s BOSS! lol

For some reason I can’t stop watching all your Israel trip videos. They’re oddly captivating.

Islamophobes supports Israel just because Palestinians are Muslims. What a logic to support Israel.

David went spelunking for a bit there

You could name the goat GOATZ
That’s a real name haha

Shouldn’t he feel safer talking to Hamas? He’s a Muslim…

“The rest of the team is up there playing patty cake, I’m about to find the ark of the Covenant”
I’m actually wrought with giggling after this, lmao love you David

4:20 there’s a hand print on the left side of the screen in the rock, how did that get there?

Hey Indiana Woods. How did the search for the ark of the covenant go? That made me laugh out loud.


David is almost as white as Mohammed

The rest of the team is up there playing pattycake. I’m out here bout to find the Ark of the Covenant. :joy::joy::joy:

Your face looks photoshopped on your body at the beginning I had a good chuckle. Love you brother.

Like a boss! Love it.

Thank i so much for this video … God bless uuuuuuu