Israel Trip: Day 7 (The Garden Tomb of Jesus, Coke Zero, Tel Aviv)

Before heading to Tel Aviv, Israel, we visited the site of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. The Garden Tomb is one of the possible sites of Jesus’ burial, with a possible crucifixion site nearby (an eerie skull-faced cliff that could explain the use of the term “Golgotha”).

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Here’s a good point to say you your atheist friends. We all believe in the virgin birth. They believe in the big bang, aka… vigin birth of the universe. We believe in the virgin birth of the Messiah. We have more common ground than you think.

The garden tomb is way too well preserved for being the tomb of Jesus. And for being the tomb of the most famous Jewish man in the history of mankind who rose from the dead what are the chances of people forgetting the location for it to get buried under dirt only to be found centuries later. Christians who visit there need to do some research. My grandparents didn’t even bother to visit that location during their time in Jerusalem.

I know I’m late to these videos lol but thank u so much for making these vlogs! They’re amazing! I feel like I’m there

I feel like I’m there! Thanks for these vlogs they’re amazing!

how much did coke zero pay you daivd wood? sell out!

I’m a former Protestant.
I really don’t mind speculation over alternative historical sites and so on.
But this fails to address the anual spontaneous “fireworks” observed annually at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre each Pascha which we English speakers call “Easter”.

Can someone explain what that was at 4:50 ?

Lol the Israelis are brilliant

…it is my understanding (rightly or wrongly) that the place of Jesus’s crucifixion i.e. Golgotha - was the the place of THE skull rather than the place of A skull. The skull in question being Goliath’s skull which King David buried after he had decapitated Goliath as a shepherd boy and which he took with him to Jerusalem. Anyone else know anything about this?

Another argument for the liklihood of this being the real location is that it is just the other side if the Jericho Road where it runs past the city walls. This road would have been the busiest in the area at the time of Christ’s crucifixion, and of course the Romans would choose the most public possible locations in which to “make an example” of insurgents and other extreme criminals.

General Gordon never claimed unequivocally that this WAS the location, only that it was likely. I think I’ll go with that. Yes, maybe it’s best that we cannot actually be certain of the location.

Duuuuude, so that WAS the guy from Warrior Society I saw in that church!

So right about the garbage sink!

The Tomb is a great visual aid. Other than that I don’t get emotional about sites and artifacts. Wherever the tomb is empty :slightly_smiling_face:


David Wood, can you please make a video on your thoughts about the Covid vaccine, and if you think it will be forced on all of us. I fear it’s the precursor to the mark of the beast

I went there years ago, I’m amazed there are so many people there, the day I went there the place was deserted. Theyve put up bars in the tomb by the looks of it. Next time go to the southern desert.

The sink is for those who eat their food with their fingers, like Indians or Arabs. They wash their hands esp after eating.

Don’t forget about the holy fire and where does it come out from and what time of the year.

Love your work, but as jew turned chritian, Jesus said, “not one stone shall stand upon anther” meaning it could never be that the western wall is what is left of the jewish temple.