IT'S A TRAP! (A Message to Former Muslims)

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In this video, I use a brief Twitter discussion to make a point for former Muslims.

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What makes me reject Islam is how radically different Muhammad and Jesus are.

Really helps drive home that “religion of peace” rhetoric. “If you leave we might kill you.”

If families of ex-Muslims hold funerals for those who leave Islam, why would enlightened ex-Muslims return? Remember that you are already dead by virtue of Islam, they just want you physically dead yet you love and miss them so much!

In time of Ramadan there are many Muslims and Exmuslims invited to visit their family, also en Türkei. Stay save, stay away from Islam

The religion of peace

what a dangerous ideology!

this channel is gay, where is obama?

Admiral Akbar peace & blessing be upon him!


I am from south africa. Fuck this is very true. These primitive mother fuckers abuse democracy to carry out their fucked up insidious shariah bullshit rules.
They actually use democratic channels to propagate a backward fucked up rubbish rule of “law”… Fucking cult of caravan robbing bandits.
My fucking life is constantly under threat from these mother fuckers. I need political exile.

Yah, they can go to any extent to safeguard the teachings of Koran & Mohammad.
Moreover, slaughtering of infidels & traitors is the holiest act in Islam.

Be careful, you never know, there may be a FATWA lurking around the corner !!

Im glad that everyone make their way out out from islam with their head still intact :beers:


Although leaving Islam is not a crime in Bangladesh, but terrorist groups may kill the former Muslims. Former Muslims may face discrimination getting job or Passport or National ID.

Hey david i think your map is false. Because i live in Indonesia and openly converted to christianity, still fine until today. No law that regulate apostasy here in Indonesia

all this killing by professor mohammed- the deranged liar is clear proof islam is false, why kill…why the violence-psychology101

nice advice… david

It’s pretty obvious advice, but thanks for it anyway.

Admiral Allahu Ackbar. It’s now a meme within a meme.