It's love a muslim day!

Recently, letters were sent out (whether genuinely or as a hoax) announcing “Punish a Muslim Day.” The world responded with “Love a Muslim Day.” In this video, our hero David Wood discusses loving Muslims and challenging Islam.

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Islam is just the world’s fastest growing undeclared apostate religion. Beheadings, anyone?

I will love to make a muslim a ex muslim :face_with_hand_over_mouth::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::grin:

If I didn’t love them I wouldn’t be giving them the gospel.

There’s a Date night at the Islamic Kindergarden near my place. Progressive that the Community is allowing some Girls too choose their Husbands

Hey checkout how many Grandchildren Muhammad was KNOWN too have Fathered. He is the example of the perfect man that all Muslims should hope too be the same as

In almost 1400 years in every Islamic Sharia Law place combined there has not been a Single Conviction for Pedophilia when the Victim is over 10 years old. I guess it’s not a thing in the Islamic Tradition

Every Young Muslim Girl has a Dream Uncle too Marry, just gotta hope he can pay more than her less nice Uncles

Linda Sarsour for US President 2050… as long as the rates of Islamic Immigration and Birthrate can stay the same though

And the Award Winner from all the Muslim GovernmentS Votes for Love a Muslim Day… the Chinese Government
Go Corruption

The Muslims gave me some advice. If I meet a Hindu Women continually tell her I Love Her and that I’m a Rich Man in Pakistan. Then Move too Pakistan with the Hindu Women because the Pakistan Army will never defeat India so at least contribute

Islamic Festival is the best place too test my Lie Detection Abilities

Their serving Rice with you choice of well Tortured Meats. We pay Halal tax for this privilege yey

Sex Trafficking. Hmm this is the best place too offer this service

Why don’t you make Love a Christian day in Pakistan and invite the local Islamic Women along

If you punch your Wife you are celebrated but if you drink alcohol you are frowned upon. That’s the opposite of our culture it’s funny the differences that’s why we gotta give them all the Love because we’re just wrong in our culture about soo many things

If you show up too a Muslim Community there will be many there who hate the same Politicians you hate. They also hate the Politicians you like tho

I’m sure the Media will celebrate this cause very much, it’s not like that Evil Love a Christian day

Muslim quiz, what do you support more, Hezbollah, ISIS or America. If they choose America protect them from their Community because they are an Apostate and the Majority who wouldn’t choose America first know the punishment for Apostasy