It's love a muslim day!

Love a Muslim day, sponsored by the Halal Tax you pay, but at least you know the animal didn’t have a quick death when u eat it

If you wear Islamic attire you can attend the auction for the girls who just finished primary school

Instead of drinking Water at this event you get too choose out of Oil and Women’s Tears

If a Chinese person shows up, don’t say a word and just be silent and hope it goes away… Courage

Love a Muslim day, the costume contest winner is always someone who dresses as Adolf Hitler

Jews are not welcome too this day, they would also like too disinvite Christians and Hindus but let’s be friendly

Thankyou Islam for all the Government handouts your community receives compared too the tax paid, we might have inflation if you all left I guess and that could slightly increase mortgage rates too be positive about this

No old Women allowed (over 18’s), just young Women

If you go too your local Prison the Islamic Population will be extremely over represented so that is a nice place too go too show a Muslim some Love

We also should appreciate all the Science and Positive Cultural developments Islam has brought too our Christian Culture

Love a Female Muslim by helping her escape Islamic Captivity

I love muslims Bcuz they’re my friends but hate islam. Fuck islam

Helo dosto aaj me bhut khus hu mujhe mera khoya pyar wapis mil gya hai in guruji ki madad se agr dosto aapko bhi apna khoya pyar wapis chaiye to me aapko in guruji k no.dena chati hu guruji k no.+91 8750934718

This has easily made it to my favorite video

love to Muslims but condemnation to Mohammad

islam is so scary. it’s so disgusting

Speaking the Truth in Love. Thank you, Brother David.

gets on Love Train

David ur oppenents in the debate often qoute the NIV, NKJV, etc all these are corrupted. KJV is the only true English bible. Please watch Sanderson1611 New world bible versions. Once u realize about this you can never be countered with stupid stuff in the NIV. Amen