Jack Conte Reacts to Patreon Backlash

Creators are in an uproar following Patreon’s banning of Sargon of Akkad (and many others). Sam Harris has deleted his account, and top creators such as Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin are building a rival platform. Jack Conte isn’t happy, as this footage from Patreon Headquarters shows.

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This was so great.

What movie is this used in this postt

“Call in the New York Times”. This line was epic

LOL so pertinent to 2020

Am I CRAZY, or did he make an “updated” version of this regarding more recent censorship events that I absolutely CANNOT find??!? :confused:


Someone’s got to do a version of this where Hillary loses the election or one where the Democrats can’t prove collusion LOL

Genius!! Pure Genius!!

Subscribe Star is better.

Perfect !

It’ll be alright Jacqueline, you can learn to code.

Some true comedic genius at work here! But you know this has made you a marked man? Jacqueline is seething to exercise her “relevance” upon your evil patriarchal privilege that would allow you to exercise such effective comedy upon them.

If someone anonymously sends you a Chihuahua trained to Nazi-salute, run away. It probably has a propaganda bomb up it’s butt and that first fart will be a doozie!
(A shout-out to Count Dankula!)

i think the problem is that the company has so many workers, ceos and heads just cant have a complete grip on them all. some of these workers’ ideologies and political beliefs slipped out of their fingers in spite and hate under the noses of these company leaders, because maybe, a bunch of them have gathered into a hateful, all political collective to “punish these unjust people” through their power over their income.

Whats the new platform?

Love your stuff. I’ll sub when you usub patreon.

Jedi tricks only work on Democrats

Probably the funniest post on youtube. :rofl: Well done David.

One. fuck sargon. He’s a sjw in disguise. Two. fuck patreon For being the scumbags they are. We need more platforms and we need to call out all the banks that don’t want to support freedom of speech and thought.